Gauss Gan

Good day, dear radio amateurs. Each of you at least once in your life wanted to collect Gauss gana, in other words the Gauss gun. Today will be considered option, perhaps one of the easiest schemes for the project. The main part of the Gauss gun is a voltage converter. In this scheme, a rather simple and powerful voltage converter based on the controller is used.
Gauss gan
The microcircuit plays the role of a pulse generator. The schematic isolation is performed in such a way that the microcircuit produces pulses with a frequency of 50 kHz. The voltage of the pulses is 9 volts, this is enough to trigger a powerful field effect transistor. It is advisable to use the irv3205 or ir3705 series. The transistor is fixed on the heat sink, it is convenient to use the heat sinks from the AT or ATX power supply units. The power of the converter is 70 - 80 watts, which makes it possible to charge a capacity of 2000 microfarads in almost a second. Capacitors with a voltage of 400 volts are used, the total capacity of 4 capacitors is 13,200 microfarads.820 ohm resistor to pick up on 2 watts, because it will warm up.
 Gauss gan
The transformer is wound on cups, although you can use a w - shaped transformer from computer power supplies (the one that more). The primary winding contains only 5 turns, is wound with three wires of a diameter of 0.7 mm each. The secondary winding contains only 12 turns of wire with a diameter of 0.4 - 0.7 mm, interlayer insulation is not needed. The peculiarity of this converter is that the charging of capacitors is automatically switched off as soon as the voltage on the capacitors reaches 300 volts. The LED prompts you to fully charge the capacitors.
 Gauss gan
The gun is made on a plastic pipe with a diameter of 8 - 9 mm. The coil contains 50 turns of wire with a diameter of 0.7 - 0.8 mm. Shells are sharpened iron rods with a length of 3 cm and with a diameter of 7 mm, they freely enter and exit the tube. After charging the capacitors, their full potential is transferred to the coil. You need to close the circuit with a powerful 5-10 amp button. At the exit of the pipe, the velocity of the projectile reaches 50 m / s. ATTENTION !!! Do not direct the gun at people! the consequences can be tragic, since the power is sufficient for the shell to penetrate the human body.  Gauss gan
 Gauss gang
 Gauss gang

The power supply can be any source of constant voltage, which is capable of delivering more than 3 amperes of current to the load. Supply voltage from 9 to 18 volts (standard 12 volts). Convenient to use batteries from bespereboynik. The current consumption of the converter reaches 12 amps.

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