General characteristics: Aries

Detailed description of the sign of the zodiac Aries will help you to understand his incendiary personality. When you come across a person born under this sign, it will be much easier for you to communicate with him.

Description of the zodiac sign Aries

Aries is a fire sign, the whole zodiac cycle begins with it. He is impulsive, ambitious, active and energetic. Aries is a real leader who possesses all the relevant qualities - courage, pride, authority, love for self-assertion. This makes Aries beautiful rulers or scary dictators.

Characteristics of Aries

In a love relationship, Aries are independent. At the same time, they know how to beautifully pursue those with whom they really are in love, and also know how to really listen to their partners.

Aries are optimists. They used to ignore the negative. Because of this, they often live only today, not knowing how to foresee the bad consequences of their actions.

Here are some famous representatives of this zodiac sign: Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler, Russell Crowe, Heath Ledger, Alla Pugacheva, Keira Knightley, Maria Sharapova, Emma Watson.

Psychological characteristics of the sign Aries

The main strengths of Aries are their energy, which allows them to always move forward and achieve their goals. Aries do not stop even in front of difficult obstacles. They are extremely self-confident, and this helps them to always triumph in any affairs, because they don’t even admit of their defeat.

Another strength of Aries is loyalty and charm. And this applies not only to love, but also friendship. No more loyal friend than Aries!

Characteristic sign of Aries

The weak side is narcissism. This same can be attributed, and all the same self-confidence, because it can be not only useful, but also harmful. Aries are simply not able to calmly respond to criticism, especially if it was expressed publicly.

Another weakness of Aries is that they often idealize people. Such idealization leads to painful disappointment. This forces one more weak side of Aries to become more active - excessive jealousy. She often annoys close people of Aries. And in combination with impatience and love for universal attention, jealousy can literally suppress the inner circle of Aries.

Talismans for Aries

The most powerful talismans for Aries are stones. Each type of stone plays a role. Alexandrite and aquamarine help Aries to restore spiritual balance. Diamond gives them power and even a certain influence on people. Amethyst holds back the exuberant heat of Aries. Pomegranate should be worn for good luck. Ruby gives happiness in love relationships. Pyrite is suitable exclusively for Aries men. This is a powerful talisman that helps solve any problems.

Among the other talismans for Aries are the following:

  • color: red, crimson, gold;
  • flower: hydrangea, cornflower, violet - the last Aries definitely need to grow at home in pots;
  • tree: maple, hazel, mountain ash;
  • metal: steel, iron;
  • number: 4, 7, 9, 11;
  • place: London, all cities of Germany.

Some things Aries need to be avoided. Especially dangerous for them are talismans, which belong to the elements of water. The symbol of Aries is fire, and its water can simply be extinguished. Such stones as malachite, opal, coral are dangerous for Aries. Cold shades of colors, too, will not bring them good luck.

Choosing a career path for Aries

Aries are not inclined to change jobs frequently. They choose for themselves one profession, in which they improve all their lives. Aries is attached to their work wholeheartedly.Child-Aries is different from peers in that already in the early school years he knows exactly who he will be when he grows up and does not change his mind with age. Usually, in the end, he chooses exactly the job he dreamed of as a child.

Most Aries suitable work with people. They like to train others, work for the good of society and just communicate. This makes Aries excellent politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists. They can also prove themselves in the advertising business.

Characteristic sign of the zodiac Aries

Most Aries like to do charity work. It is important for them to feel needed and useful. This can be used for the benefit of a career by choosing medicine for yourself. In this large industry, Aries can choose any branch - pediatrics, dentistry, surgery, etc.

Aries are incredibly artistic. This is evident from early childhood. This quality makes the representatives of this zodiac sign good actors of cinema and theater.

Do not try to make a housewife out of your wife Aries. She will literally go crazy with energy that she cannot spill through the four walls. Good professions that are suitable for Aries women are a beautician, hairdresser or designer of clothes.

Features health Aries

Aries' optimism helps them maintain good health and avoid chronic diseases. The main problem of this zodiacal sign is increased pressure. Also Aries can suffer from toothache. They are afraid of her in panic, and therefore postpone a visit to the dentist until the last. This, of course, only exacerbates the problem.

Aries often suffer various injuries due to their fearlessness and love of danger. The risk of head injuries is highest.

To Aries was able to maintain good health for many years, he needs to follow certain rules. You can not overload the nervous system, you need a good sleep. You should also regularly conduct routine inspections of the kidneys, monitor the condition of the vessels.

Aries is quite difficult to eat regularly, but for him it is extremely important. Meals for this sign should be strictly on the clock, well thought out and balanced. Diet Aries should be high in calories, as they usually spend a lot of energy. It must have enough phosphorus.

The characteristic of the sign Aries closer acquaints you with this zodiac representative.Thanks to her, you get an idea of ​​his strengths and weaknesses, as well as the characteristics of the character. This will help to build close, friendly or business relationships with Aries of any gender.

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