Home phosphor production

Luminophoreis a substance capable of converting the energy absorbed by it into light. The color of the glow may be different and depends on the light filter applied to the surface of the phosphor or its impurity. Photo phosphor is a powder that has the property of glowing in the dark after exposure to natural or artificial light.
The divergent phosphor is used to make phosphor, "text-align: center;">
We need to buy at the pharmacy not "coniferous extract", namely, "coniferous concentrate "because there is a bright yellow dye tartrazine (E102). The top pair of blue balls in its molecule is the chromophore (capable of receiving and emit light) group -N = N- of two nitrogen atoms connected by a double bond. This ability is due to the fact that the fragment -N = N- can be in two positions and the transition energy between them and is absorbed / released in the form of light. &Nbsp;
Pour(orpourifyouboughtliquid)coniferousconcentrateintoacup.Fillupwithsomewater-togetawatersolutionoftartrazine.PourboricacidintothespoonWemoistenwithdyesolutionStirtowetallacidboiltosuchastate.Theresultingbubblespiercesomethingsharp,toensureagoodwarmingupofthewholemixture.Cool,addanotherdyesolutionandboilthemeltagain.Auniformyellowsubstanceisobtained.Thisisaphosphor!Actonitwithaflash:Youcangrinditintoapowderandapplyitsomewhere,addittoothersubstancesandeventowater.Fromtheremeltingofboricacidwithsolutionsofotherdyes-rhodamineandpastefrombluegelpens,wealsogotaphosphor,butmuchworsequality.Thebigdisadvantageofthismethodofpreparingthephosphorisaveryshortdurationofluminescence.Also,thisphosphor excellent  glows in ultraviolet radiation. / div>

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