Glamor Monkey

For sewing a monkey, we need: • A pair of terry children's socks, • Hollofiber (for filling a toy), • Needle, • Thread, • Scissors.
we need
1. Next, on the socks, we neatly mark the pattern with a black felt-tip pen. With one sock to get the head, body and legs, with the other ears, legs, tail and muzzle.
markup patterns
2. Then we cut the socks into individual parts, following our markup.
 following our markups
3. Now we take the first sock and sew the details of the legs and head. We sew the head not to the end, but leave it literally 1 cm, so that you can fill the body with filler.
 fill the body with filler
Turn the unfinished hole sock from the wrong side, fill the body of the monkey with a prepared filler and sew the left hole with an invisible seam.The toy can be filled with a variety of materials that you have on hand. Natural fillers: wool, down, cotton wool, tights and cloth. It is also possible to fill the toy with loose porridges, namely buckwheat or rice. Toys with rice are great for children up to three years, since playing them, the baby develops hand motor skills. The most suitable filler for socks is synthetic fillers: synthetic, synthetic, foam rubber or silicone balls. In our case, we will use holofiber. This very springy filler in the form of rolled balls. 4. Then we sew all the other parts, except the muzzle and, turning it out on the front side, we fill it with holofiber.
for filling
 fill with holofiber
 details fill
5. We sew the tail and legs to the monkey's ass.
 filled parts
 sew the tail
6.After we sew the muzzle to the head, pre-filled with padding polyester.
sew legs
 sew muzzle
7. Now sew the ears and proceed and glue eyes. You can decorate a monkey in different ways. In this case, we sew a toy handbag, a comb, and a flower to the monkey to the monkey.
 sew the muzzle
a flower to the head
monkey from children's socks
The glam monkey is ready.

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