Good and bad wedding signs

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Believing in wedding signs or not is the choice of each young couple, but as you know, a wedding is a very important event in the life of a young couple and the observance of wedding traditions causes a lot of excitement and worry for both the bride and the groom and their parents. After all, for a long time certain signs indicate what the married life of the newlyweds will be: happy and cloudless, or vice versa. There are both good and bad signs that can be broken down into certain groups related, for example, to:

  • Wedding dress (color and style) and shoes
  • Wedding ring
  • Weather, time of year, lunar calendar, church holidays
  • A trip to the registry office and back
  • Wedding
  • Wedding table and gifts
  • Wedding night

Good omens

Good signs include various events that foreshadow a long, happy and comfortable home life, for example:

  • On the wedding day it rains or snows - to luck
  • On New Year's Eve the girl will cut or prick a finger - in a new year will marry
  • The odd number of guests at the wedding is a successful marriage
  • In order for young people to live a long happy life - the wedding candles should be blown at the same time
  • To avoid quarrels, before entering the house, young people must break a plate at the doorstep and simultaneously step over the fragments
  • Bride in old shoes - to a successful marriage
  • Come to the registry office before the appointed time - to a long life together
  • After the wedding, the newlyweds must simultaneously look in the mirror - this will bring good luck in the family life
  • How many times will the featherbed be raised for young people - there will be so many children
  • If the date of the wedding is odd - to luck
  • The longer and more complicated the road to the registry office, the better the family life will be
  • If the bride sneezes in the evening before the wedding - to an expensive wedding present, and in the morning - will be happy

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Bad omens

  • Broken heel of the bride - family life will be "limp"
  • Wedding in a leap year - to a quick divorce. And when it's better to arrange a wedding you can find out here
  • The wedding dress was torn - my mother-in-law would be angry
  • Strong wind on a wedding day - family life will be windy
  • If you drop or lose an engagement ring - to divorce
  • On the way to the registrar office the flat tire - to difficulties in family life
  • Bride in sandals - family life will be "barefoot"
  • Pregnant bride - boyfriend will be childless
  • If between the bride and groom on the day of the wedding someone becomes a short marriage
  • If the groom entered the pool before the wedding, then he will be a drunkard
  • You can not give anyone measure a wedding ring - to the unhappy family life


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