Wild Flowers Hair Clip

This decoration is made of satin ribbons. The bouquet consists of two cornflowers with a bud and two daisies.
 clip for hair Wildflowers
To work on the product we take materials:- satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide in blue and green. - narrow white ribbon 1 cm wide. - PVA glue. - candle. - scissors. - ordinary black threads. - floristic wire. - glitter powder or beads. - glue gun. - big clip for hair. foil. Let's start making petals for cornflowers, we have two flowers and one bud. For one, we cut 11 strips 5 cm long, and for the bud three more such segments.
 make petals for cornflowers
We cut sections of each strip at the beginning over the candle.
 to make petals for cornflowers
We arrange the workpiece in length, lower corners we lift up to the middle, overlaying each other with a little offset.The result was a triangle.
 make petals for cornflowers
Then one corner of this triangle is bent forward again to the middle.
make petals for cornflowers
And the second corner is turned down to the middle, but behind. We get an even smaller triangle.
 make petals for cornflowers
Now you need to secure this workpiece. Lower the corner of the fold to the candle, heat and press with your fingers. And the top corners will be free. We get one petal from one strip.
 make petals for cornflowers
For cornflowers with bud make 25 such blanks. And for chamomiles we take a thin white tape, we cut 24 strips 6 cm long.
 make petals for daisies
Above the candle, alternately fold the bent strips in half . Cut two circles with a diameter of 3 cm. Petals for chamomiles are ready.
 make petals for daisies
Now for the leaves we take the green ribbon.Cut 10 strips of 6 cm.
 we take the green ribbon
We cut each strip diagonally from the lower angle to the upper one, we get two leaves.
cut diagonally
These blanks of leaves are also melted above the candle so that they do not get shaggy. And in the wide side of the workpiece we make a crease, turn the corners to the middle of the sheet and fix it over the fire. We treat all the leaves with this method.
 is melted above the candle
 melt over the candle
For the bud of the cornflower we take 3 blue petals , two green segments of 6 cm, rounded at the bottom and 4 leaves of the corner.
 we melt over the candle
Getting started m assembly. We take a piece of wire 8 cm long, glue it with a strip of corrugated paper with white glue. You can use the tape. Make a ball of the size of 10 x 10 cm ball and fix it to the wire. And on this workpiece we glue a pistol with two green strips with a rounding down.The free upper edge is twisted as in a candy and fixed.
 Start the assembly
In the middle of the green bud we attach 3 blue petals.
 fix the middle of the green bud
Now proceed to the assembly of daisies. We take a circle with a diameter of 3 cm and fix it with a glue gun white curls of thin tape, making the first row of 6 blanks. And the remaining 6 pieces are sticking with the second round, staggering.
 proceed to the assembly of daisies
proceed to the assembly of daisies
It remains to decorate the middle with beads or glitter, we attach them to the PVA glue.
 proceed to the assembly of daisies
Getting started with cornflowers. We also collect them on a circle with a diameter of 3 cm. We glue the petals in two rows, leaving the middle free.
Getting started with cornflowers
We will make stamens from simple black threadscolors. We wind a lot of turns on two of our fingers, remove them. The resulting circle is joined in the middle and fold in half. Then we fix the connection with the thread below, we get a brush. We cut the edges of it exactly.
 We start cornflowers
We paste this brush into the middle of the cornflower.
 We start cornflowers Then we grease the edges of the brush with PVA glue and put it in glitter, shake off excess.
 We start cornflowers
Now all the blanks are assembled.
 all blanks are collected
All leaves need only add leaves. To cornflowers add one piece of 4 leaves, glued together on the bottom corner. And we sticking to the flower in one direction.
 add only leaves
 add one piece at a time
Cornflowers ready.
 add one blank
For daisies, glue the leaves two pieces together from the bottom.There will be 3 blanks, fastened in a circle.
 add one blank each
 hair clip Wildflowers
Now all flowers with leaves are ready.
 hair clip Wildflowers
Take a large hairpin and begin to fasten flowers to it alternately. Immediately glue the rifle with a pistol from the ribbons to each flower, we place them through the inside of the clip to the flowers. First on the narrow edge we attach the bud, then place one cornflower beside it. Next will be a daisy.
 hair clip Wildflowers
To the first daisy we have a second, slightly tilted, and glued to a wide edge second cornflower And the decoration is ready.
 hair clip Wildflowers
Good luck to all.

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