Hardcover photobook

Nowadays it has become very fashionable to have a photo book in the home archive instead of the usual photo albums. On the one hand, it is much more convenient, because you do not need to spend time on selecting photographs, printing them and the subsequent placement. But on the other hand, a photo book is not a cheap pleasure. Given the foregoing, I want to bring to your attention my answer to the expensive photo-production. I propose to make a photo book with your own hands in the budget version, that is, in the format of 8 cm * 8 cm and with 20 photographs. I hope this mini book will be a worthy addition to your photo archive. So, you will need: 1. printed photos (even number); 2. double-sided scotch on paper basis (or glue "Moment"), 3. double-sided tape on foam rubber; 4. a piece of leather (imitation leather, fabric); 5. iron corners (optional). And now everything is in order. I. We need printed photos.You can get them in the right size in two ways. First way:select the desired photos and paste them two at a time together in Microsoft Word.
 in the program Microsoft Word
There you can specify the required size in the corresponding tab, if necessary, trim. There are 6 photos on the A4 sheet (3 blocks of 2 photos of 8cm * 8cm size).
 in Microsoft Word
 in Microsoft Word
After processing all photos, print them out on a printer on photo paper. Second method:you can do everything the same as in the first method with Using Adobe Photoshop, if you have sufficient skills for this and works in it. Photos MUST have an even number plus two on the cover. Their size will determine the size of the entire photo book. Photo paper should be one-sided and better matte with a density of 160-200 mg / cm3. If you can not print on a color printer, you can do it in black and white, especially since it is now in fashion, a kind of retro chic! II. Cut out photos in blocks of two and one each for the cover. It is better to use a stationery knife and a ruler for this, not scissors. III. Now we glue all the blocks together except the cover. To do this, you can use double-sided tape, and you can take a moment of glue. Personally, I prefer the scotch, because it is more convenient in work, does not require special care. However, it is much more expensive than glue, given its high consumption. In the end, this "book" photoblock will turn out.
 Now glue all the blocks
IV . Making a cover. To do this, cut out from any cardboard two squares in the size of two covers.
 Making a cover
Glue the first from the front to the block, and the second from behind. Glue the first one in front
Now we need to decorate the end of our almost finished photo book. We take a piece of leather (imitation leather, fabric) tall with a book, and a width of 2 cm more than the width of the book butt.We stick it in stretch exactly to the end and with the overlap on the covers.
 a photobook is ready
Very tight is not necessary, otherwise the book will reveal itself. Gaps on the cover do not need to do more than 5 mm, because the cover will peel off. And now the most important thing is the glued cut out photographic covers.
 photo book
Enjoy our work.
photo album
As some kind of exclusive detail can make a volumetric the cover. For this you need to print one copy of the cover (front) more. From it we cut out any details that, in your opinion, are suitable for creating the desired effect. I have a camera lens and a tape with an inscription.  hardcover photobook Glue on double-sided adhesive tape on a foam-based basis for 3D effect.

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