Having a country house, it is easy to do it: 20+ original design photo ideas

You always want to competently organize the space on the plot. Here is a place for bold experiments and the implementation of creative ideas. To create comfort here it is easy to use the most unexpected things. Based on the ideas below, you can create a unique design. Fully follow them is not necessary, it is enough just to catch the meaning, and then proceed at their own discretion.

From cement and logs you can lay the foundation for a gazebo and even build a house.

Plastic pipes will be the basis for the flower bed.

Flowerbed from the cart is no less original.

Washbasin organization and cooking zones.

A stationary campfire site with an elaborate canopy.

Options for the arrangement of the playground.

Suspended bed made of wood.

Original troughs from coffee cans.

Vertical flower beds from old pallets.

Furniture from old metal barrels.

Cable reels are also easy to turn into furniture.

Original flower garden of old boxes.

And even the furniture from the boxes.

Suspended shelves of boards and rope.

Variant of use of old tires.

Eco-friendly lounge chair.

Garden paths from the handy material.

Homemade irrigation system from the remnants of plastic pipes.

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