Heart Magnet

Valentine's Day is a beautiful and bright day for all lovers. Traditionally, on this day lovers should give each other valentines and all sorts of knick-knacks in the form of hearts. But made by own hands, it becomes even dearer and more expensive. Try to make such a magnet on the refrigerator.
To make it very simple. First you need to prepare a salted dough for modeling. It will require a number of products that are in every house:  you need to make a salty dough
- salt - 200 gr. - 0.5 cups, - flour - 400 gr. 1.5 cups, - water - 130 ml. - Sunflower oil - a teaspoon. Mix the salt and flour. If the salt is large, first grind it in a blender.  Mix salt and flour Then add water and sunflower oil slowly.
add water
Stir thoroughly untiluntil the dough stops sticking to the hands.
 Stir well
Mix a little more to tie all the ingredients together.
Mix a little more
When the dough is ready, you can immediately start sculpting. Store this dough better in the package, so it does not dry up. It is not stored for long. Roll out a piece of dough 0.7 cm thick.
 dough is ready
Cut a heart pattern out of paper.
template hearts
Attach a template and cut a heart out using a spatula.
Attach the template
Trim edges and proceed to the decor.
Trim with a finger
There is a rosette in our heart. Make it very easy. Roll out small circles.
there is a rose
Press them,
 Press them
and fold them one by one rose
put a rose out of them
For a leaf, you need to make a diamond. Lightly round it and shape the leaf.  make a diamond Scrape scratched veins on it with a spatula.
streaks with a spatula
A leaf is ready. Make two leaves.
The leaf is ready
Put it all on the heart.
on the heart
Perimeter place the circles. Heart is ready, you can bake. Oven should be at a low temperature. The product is ready when it is very solid. You can take out and paint. At this stage we will need:  Place circles around the perimeter - gouache, - glitter, - brushes.
Paint on your own. Glitter makes the heart elegant and lustrous.  colorize  Color your own discretion That's the heart.
Day Valentine
Take the magnet and the glue.  Take a magnet and glue
Take a magnet and glue
Glue the magnet to the back. Since the product we have turned out to be heavy, the magnet is better to take larger sizes so that it can hold the heart on the refrigerator. Now you can place on the refrigerator.
 Heart Magnet
Such a magnet is sure to cheer up your half. You can write a message or the name of the second half. Show some imagination and you will definitely succeed. All the holiday and thanks for taking.

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