Heating regulation - saving money and gas

“Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter,” says the famous Russian proverb. At the height of summer, it's time to think about how to create comfortable conditions and survive the winter frosts. The rapid rise in energy prices is an additional incentive to search for options to save them. The thermostat is a self-regulating device that allows you to maintain a given air temperature in the room. Its design includes a stopcock and a thermal head (thermostatic element). The energy efficiency of the thermostat directly depends on the reaction rate of the thermal head. The time period required for switching on a gas condensate filling device may be about 15 minutes, the response of the electronic thermostatic element is almost instantaneous.
 Heating regulation - saving money and gas
During installation, the installation of a check valve is first carried out,connection of the supply pipe, pre-regulation. Thermal head, which determines the maximum amount of heat emitted by the radiator, is installed at the very end. It limits the volume of coolant passing through the radiator and, consequently, reduces the generation of heat. The air temperature at the same time decreases to the required value. For example, if a part of a house is located in the south side, then it receives heat from solar radiation, i.e. heat loss is reduced by natural light. Due to this, the southern part of the thermostat will reach the set temperature faster and shut off the coolant supply to the radiator. Due to this, part of the heating system will be turned off, and the remaining area in the northern part of the house will receive additional heating. Thus, the radiator thermostat will provide different thermal conditions in different areas of the room, adjusting temperature indicators without human intervention.

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