Herringbone Viscose Napkin

On New Year's Eve, everyone is stocking up with interesting items for home decoration. This is all sorts of garlands, rain and Christmas decorations. But if you twist a little fantasy, you can create something interesting. For example, to make just such a charming Christmas tree from a viscose napkin with your own hands. It is not inferior to expensive designer jewelry. If you do not find a suitable color for the napkin, then you can use felt instead.
 Spruce from viscose napkin
Fir-tree from viscose napkin
If you like this Christmas tree, then proceed to the master class. In addition to the viscose napkin, you still need:
 Christmas tree made of viscose napkin
  • glue gun,
  • Christmas tree stencil on paper (you can download from the Internet or draw it yourself, there is not much difference),
  • synthetic winterizer or holofiber for filling,
  • satin ribbon 1 cm wide brown,
  • Satin of summer 0.5 cm wide.red.
  • buttons or rhinestones.
First you need to determine what size you want to make a Christmas tree. Then draw by yourself or print a ready-made template from the Internet.
 Herringbone made of viscose napkin
Cut it out and attach it to the napkin. Circle and cut two parts.
 Spruce from Viscose Napkin
Take a brown ribbon with a length of 10 - 15 cm. Fold in half and slide it between the two parts on top. Attach them to each other and glue with a glue gun or any other glue. Do not forget to leave the bottom of the Christmas tree free.
 Spruce from Viscose Napkin
 Herringbone from viscose napkin
Push through this hole synthetic winterizer.
Herringbone made of viscose napkin
Cut the ribbon again brown 4-6 cm long. Glue it in the middle and seal the free edge. For decoration, use rhinestones or small buttons. Place as you like.
 Christmas tree made of viscose napkin
And secure with glue on the Christmas tree.
Herringbone from a viscose napkin Now it remains to attach an asterisk. Instead, you can make a red satin ribbon bow.
 Herringbone from a viscose napkin
And place it on top of her head.
 Fir-tree from viscose napkin
This is how quickly you can make a Christmas tree from the viscose Christmas tree with your own hands. It can be hung on furniture, as a decor, or hung on a real Christmas tree.
 Spruce from viscose napkin
Herringbone from a viscose napkin
She looks very magical. She is not even ashamed to give to friends and relatives. As you can see, nothing special was needed for her.Show some imagination and you will definitely succeed. Happy New Year!!!

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