Paint Holi Festival in India


The Festival of Colorscalled, - the Indian national holiday in honor of the arrival of spring, the celebration of the expulsion of evil and the revival of life. This event is celebrated for two days during the full moon. According to legend, the evil demon Holik died that day.

On this day, every city and province hosts its own celebrations, everywhere fires are lit, symbolizing the end of winter and the burial of evil spirits. On the fire, they burn the evil demon Holik, throw the fruits of a seasonal crop - grains, coconuts, etc. In the morning people go out into the street, and fun begins - everyone pours each other with tinted water of red, green, yellow, blue and black and rushes with colored powders.

This is an incredible event that you can watch for hours. A huge number of emotions, a huge number of colors and a huge number of people.

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