Honeysuckle jam: five minutes with water for the winter - A simple recipe for jam with honeysuckle without cooking

VIZh-001For homemade jam, the recipe advises taking only very ripe, strong berries of dark blue or almost black color. They have a bright, rich taste and a whole range of minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are necessary for a person. If you want to preserve the beneficial properties of the fruit as much as possible, you should pay attention to the recipe for harvesting honeysuckle for the winter without cooking. However, such a delicacy will require mandatory refrigerated storage. But on the other hand, five-minute jam or berries processed in a slow cooker can be kept at average room temperature in the kitchen or in the pantry, even under ordinary plastic covers.

Honeysuckle jam with water for the winter - A simple five-minute quick recipe

The five-minute recipe tells in detail how to quickly prepare a rich and tasty jam from honeysuckle on water. In this embodiment, the berries are not subjected to too long heat treatment and retain the maximum amount of their nutrients and valuable vitamins. If desired, you can close the cans with tin lids and leave the treat until winter, or cork it with plastic, send it in the fridge and eat in 2-3 days.

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