Hourly rental office in the center of Moscow

To open an office of psychology, you need to rent an hourly office. Rent at all for a couple of hours offices? Or just for a month? I do not need a cabinet every day


Now, many people are engaged in such a business, renting offices for a few hours, so finding such an offer is not difficult. It is not profitable to rent an office for psychology sessions for several hours, because it is much more expensive than renting for a month. But if you need a cabinet as a meeting room with colleagues or clients, then this is the right decision. I know one negotiation on Turgenev, ask herehttps://psycho.place/

This is a reasonable decision if you really will have negotiations once in a while, because there is no need to overpay for an empty office. All rent by the hour, so they profitable

If it is necessary to meet with an important client, we also rented offices on an hourly basis, until we realized that it was quite expensive.

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