How does a fanless fan work?

There are not so many familiar objects and devices, the purpose of which is clear to us, completely turning into absolutely fantastic products only after a small modernization and at the same time doing an excellent job with their direct functions.

These devices can be attributed to the usual fans, which many of their owners include in the summer, fleeing from the heat. The only and surprising external difference that distinguishes their modernized version is thatfanless fans. Of course, from the first, and even from the second and third glance, the operation of such a device may seem unthinkable and inexplicable, because people unfamiliar with physics are well aware that the blade of a conventional fan simply captures a certain amount of air and pushes it forward, thereby creating some semblance of wind.

So how can a fan without blades, which simply do not have them, do the same, and yes even times more efficiently,while spending less electricity, working silently and creating such a smooth flow of air, which can be compared only with the natural light breath of the breeze. In addition, such a fan is completely safe to use, your children and pets will never be able to damage their finger or foot, accidentally or curiously touching rather fast rotating blades.

But still, what is the simplicity and genius of the principle, which made it so that the fans without blades could appear in our homes, give us comfort, comfort and safety. The basis was a fairly simple principle, the so-called aerodynamic multiplier, and yet there were no moving parts in this device. The main element of this bezlopastny fan is a small turbine, located in its base, which is able to create a sufficiently high pressure of a small volume of air, and it makes it almost noiseless, which allows you to use the device even in the bedroom.

Further, pressurized air exits through holes located along the contour of the ring or oval of a special shape, and, coming out of these holes, entrains the air around the ring and directly behind it.Such a design is called an aerodynamic multiplier, it came to this device from the field of aircraft construction and will successfully manifest itself in your home if you decide to buy a fanless blade.

Naturally, in addition to noiselessness and safety for others, this fanless fan has a number of advantages, including:

• Very smooth air flow, you will not feel the jolts and sharp gusts of air, which are characteristic of our usual fans;

• Very precise adjustment of the blower speed, which is set by the speed of rotation of the internal turbine;

• Attractive and even shocking appearance of the device, which is somewhat similar to the product, descended from the screens of films about the distant future.

Naturally, such a fanless fan can automatically change the direction of blowing according to the command you set. That is, all people in the room will be comfortable, since the air flow will periodically fall on each of them. This is possible thanks to the choice of automatic rotation of the airflow generator, which you can buy now and not only get completely new sensations of comfort, but also surprise your friends and acquaintances who still don’t know anything about this new product.

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