How does the largest cruise liner in the world

Imagine you are embarking on a free cruise on the largest liner in the world. Inside the whole metropolis of entertainment and services, and all for free. Fantastic? Yes. But once, when a parade of planets takes place, the company launches a new ship, this tale becomes a reality. Tour operators, the media and everyone who will sell tickets to this liner later are invited to the first flight.

Harmony of the Seas (Harmony of the Seas) today is really the largest cruise ship for 8,200 people, of which 2,200 are crew members. The height of the vessel is comparable to the height of a 20-storey building. The length of 362 meters, which exceeds the length of the Red Square in Moscow. The construction of the ship cost Royal Caribbean more than 1,000,000,000 euros.

But the most impressive thing is not the measurements, but the filling of the liner - a helipad, swimming pools, water slides, a casino, a theater, an ice skating rink, a garden with 12 thousand different plants and much, much more. There is even a Bionic bar on board, where robots work as waiters.Let's see how it looks inside ...

The general plans of the liner. This is a really huge thing, a giant Noah's Ark with a displacement of 227,500 tons:



We left the port of Barcelona. We were escorted by two fire ships: in honor of the first voyage, they staged a “salute” with water cannons:


The first place you get on a cruise is, of course, the cabin. I will not give the footage, I will only mention that there was a separate dressing room in my cabin:


Common areas of the liner. Right on the photo is a giant sculpture of the head, which rotates in different directions:


There are pedestrian streets on board. The full feeling that the ship did not go out to sea, but a piece of the mainland. There are a lot of people. After a series of incidents on cruises, Royal Caribbean installed an advanced face recognition system that can, if necessary, identify each passenger in the crowd:


Many sculptures and works of modern art:


We will rise to the upper decks. There are two types of decks - covered, comfortable in windy weather, and street:


There are 16 decks on board. 6 main pools and 10 giant whirlpools:


The upper deck abounds in public areas:


Lots of sunbeds. Pay attention to the slides behind the pool:


On the other hand the golf course:


Waves for riding on boards:


Rope crossing at the level of seven floors:


At the stern of the ship is a huge aquatere. From the upper deck down lead two pipes, along which you can go down in clothes. Feels very fast, very scary and very dark. Almost 30 meters of height you overcome in 13 seconds, making two 360-degree turns along the way:


To the right of the aquatheater, the pedestrian zone called Central Park:



Naturally, there is a gym, and it is gigantic. Many simulators and shells:




There are 20 restaurants onboard the Harmony of the Seas. The main of them occupies three floors, it is there that the daily dinners are held:


And this is the same Bionic bar where robots work. In the arsenal of mechanical hands 30 alcoholic components. A set of cocktails that they can make, strive to infinity. One cocktail takes 30 seconds. It looks fantastic:


Another memorable restaurant is called "Country of Miracles" and is based on the famous work of Lewis Carroll:


Hall decoration:



Instead of the menu bring an empty picture, which must be painted with water, After these manipulations appear words. It would seem a trifle, but leaves an indelible impression:


Restaurant molecular cuisine. The dish is called “Vegetable Garden”, and the “earth” is made of bread with the addition of cuttlefish ink:


Dessert from the ball, which is poured over hot chocolate. A minute later the ball melts, exposing the ice cream inside. Delicious:


Weekly in the restaurants of the liner, 4500 kg of chicken and almost 7000 kg of beef are consumed. Total on board 4900 seats in restaurants and bars. The assortment of desserts again confused me:


In Central Park dozens of stores for every budget:


In the evening you won't be bored. Rather, on the contrary, it will be necessary to run from one performance to another:


In the theater - the Broadway production of "Briolin." The eponymous film, shot on this musical, made Travolta a star as much in 1978:


Ice show. Just pay attention to the quality of the costumes that were prepared for the performance:







The actors are floating, flying, then something else. Looks amazing:



Actor a couple of times, "broke" from the rope right above the audience, forcing the audience to shout from the unexpected:


Our team from Russia:


It is often said that cruises are the lot of European pensioners. However, the situation is changing, and companies increasingly focus on middle-aged people and young people.Discos, good restaurants, fitness, shopping and a beach holiday - this is really boring and rich.

By the way, last year I also talked about the previous largest ship of the Royal Caribbean, which is called Allure of the Seas:

Have you been on a cruise? Tell us about your experience.

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