How do dream books interpret a passport in a dream?

To protect yourself from rash decisions, to recognize your destiny in time, your own dreams will help to conclude a bargain. A passport in a dream is an unusual vision. Each image and detail has its own meaning and interpretation.

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How do dream books interpret a passport in a dream?

Dream Dream Thelomena

In the dream book of Félomen, a passport is interpreted as the essence of a sleeper. This image is a direct reflection of your inner world. The answer to the question “why does a passport dream?” Must be sought on the basis of the details of the dream. You need to carefully remember under what circumstances you dreamed of a passport, how it looked and what happened to it.

If in a dream you get a new passport or change your old one, it means that in real life expect a profitable promotion offer for the position or new job. Each of these changes will bring you a lot of pleasure, opportunities for self-realization, will raise the status, will improve a material condition.However, in return, you will need a lot of strength, energy to overcome difficulties and obstacles.

The passport in a dream was torn - in reality not to avoid conflicts and quarrels. They can affect both love relationships and professional activities. In such situations, you should completely reject emotions, remain calm and reasonable. Rapid decisions and rashly abandoned phrases only worsen events.

To see in a dream that you have spoiled your passport means that you have detractors. Most likely, soon they will take active steps aimed at worsening your material condition, creating obstacles to moving up the career ladder, introducing differences in love relationships. All this will have a negative impact on your health, because it will not work without a lot of stress and nervous exhaustion, perhaps even the development of serious diseases.

If in a dream you have washed the document together with things - in reality things can deteriorate dramatically. There may even be situations in which you need the help of law enforcement representatives. Be as concentrated as possible in the near future, so as not to be deceived by fraudsters.

A dream in which a young girl finds someone else’s document foreshadows a new love relationship with an unfree young man.

Find someone else's document for a man - a harbinger of a possible emergency. Be careful on the road.

A dream in which you forgot your passport promises problems at work. It is likely that your desire to solve the tasks will fade away, which will cause a wave of discontent among the leadership.

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