How do girls dance hip-hop?

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How do girls dance hip-hop?

Now hip-hop has become incredibly popular in the world. Initially, hip-hop was a masculine style, but over time it became popular among women. Let's see how girls dance hip-hop and what to do to achieve results.

At one time, the well-known performer of hip-hop Mufasa gave some practical advice. We recommend them to girls who want to master this dance style, to take as a basis.


  1. Train. Not only in the classroom a couple of times a week, but also at home in front of a mirror. Watch the video, learn new items.
  2. Learn to listen to music and highlight bass. In hip-hop it is very important to merge with the melody.
  3. Learn basic bundles. Improvisation is all for hip-hop. But without a base, your technique is worth nothing.
  4. Express yourself in the dance. Only then will he truly become yours.
  5. Break the rules after you have thoroughly studied them. So you will go your own way.
  6. If your movements are heavy, make them easier. Perhaps worth losing weight if you have problems with excess weight.Do some sports. He will help to throw off those extra pounds and pump up well.

Many girls are interested in whether male and female hip-hop plays are different. Basic movements, in principle, do not differ. In the future, you can add a bit of femininity to your dance, hip-hop allows it. But the principle of the basic movements and tap dance is the same for all. The way in which you submit them is your right.


Put your right leg to the side with the toe out, stretch it up with the same hand. Bend your right leg and transfer your body weight to it, while lowering your arm to shoulder level. Now turn the body to the left and bend the left leg, moving the right foot to the toe. Lower the knee of the right leg and put your hands on the floor. One movement you have already learned.

And now try another chip. Place your legs slightly wider than shoulders, feet pressed to the floor. Spread your fingers on your right hand and place them on your chest. Elbow is looking forward. With a sharp movement, throw the pelvis forward, and bend backward yourself. Turn right, then left. Bend forward for every turn. Now you know what "quality" is.

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