How practical are interior doors accordion

Accordion - one of the most practical models of interior doors. It can be installed in any room: in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room. Previously, the door-accordion made only of sheet materials, and it looked dull and unpresentable. Today, these models are produced with stained glass inserts and they are a real decoration of the interior.

Is the door-accordion durable?

Judging by the reviews of buyers who have installed an accordion door in their apartments, this model has both its advantages and disadvantages. Its undoubted advantages include the ability to save space and the originality of the design. Any set of sliding doors is universal: the owner chooses which way the canvas will open. In the folded position for fixing the paintings does not require a lock. Opening and closing the door is silent.
The main disadvantage is the lack of even minimal sound insulation. This is due to the fact that the door-accordion is made of narrow canvases of wood or plastic, the thickness of which is insufficient in order to ensure proper noise insulation. In addition, the specificity of this design is such that there is always a gap between the intermediate strips. Therefore, an accordion door is also not a worthy obstacle to air flow.
Many buyers note the fact that, in low-cost models, the brackets holding the canvases are quickly loosened and require constant twisting. Such designs are more like a screen than a door. More expensive models are able to perfectly withstand even intensive use for a long time. Therefore, the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing these models is the quality of the fittings and the method of its fastening.

Opinion experts on the door-accordion

The door-accordion of the lower price range can last no more than 1.5-2 years. Then she will require incessant attention from the owner. In these doors, the fasteners connecting the guide rail with the panels are made of plastic.The rail itself and the rest of the accessories are made of the same material. Metal frame for strengthening the structure is not used. Therefore, such doors, regardless of which company is their manufacturer, should not be bought.
High quality products differ in the price range from 3000 rubles to 30-35000 rubles. They install reliable fittings and locks, locked with a key. The ends of the canvases of more expensive models are equipped with soundproof seals. The panels are made of veneered MDF. Such doors-accordion more durable.

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