How to adjust the glass

You will need
  • - double glazing;
  • - crosshead screwdriver;
  • - L-shaped hex key 4 mm;
  • - A special key for adjusting the locking pins.
Remove the decorative caps from the top and bottom screws on the hinges of the window. Using the 4-mm L-shaped allen key, adjust the screws to shift the sash or change the level of the squeeze of the sash to the frame.
If the flap has slipped and is difficult to close and open, adjust the lower loop up or down. In this case, the lower corner of the sash will be raised or lowered accordingly, if necessary, raise or lower the entire sash.
To shift the sash left or right, adjust the bottom loop to the right-left.
To press the lower corner of the sash to the frame, move the two screws of the lower hinge forward. Similarly, if you want to move the angle away from the frame, move the screws back.
If you have a flap (it opens both from right to left and from top to bottom), adjust the degree of clamping of the upper corner of the sash to the frame by adjusting scissors back and forth.If necessary, adjusting the scissors left and right, move the upper part of the sash left and right.
If adjustment of a double-glazed window with a rotary shutter is necessary (it opens in the classical way), in order to press the upper corner of the shutter against the frame, move the upper hinge forward. Similarly, move the upper loop back, reduce the clamp. To move the upper part of the sash to the left or right, change the position of the top screw to the right or left.
Using a special key, adjust the sash at the location of the locking pins to press or squeeze the sash in these places.
If the sash hangs on the bottom hinge and the shears folded back as a result of improper operation, follow the steps below. Close the window, then push the folded edge perpendicular to the surface so that the top corner approaches the loop. Then press the blocker lever (located next to the handle) and at the same time turn the handle to a horizontal position. If you have done everything correctly, and the scissors on the frame and sash are connected, release the lock lever.

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