How to avoid conflict with a guy

Want to marry him? Then study his habits, interests, "sore spots", learn about desires, etc. To “read” a guy like a book, ask for his opinion on any questions, learn about his character unintentionally from friends, ask the impression about him from your relatives, friends. It is better to know your boyfriend's opinion on important topics for you in order not to provoke scandals in the future.
In moments of tension and misunderstanding, distance yourself from emotional outbursts and begin to recount everything around, as in a cartoon: a cow is once, a bull is two ... It is enough to count 10 items so that irritation subsides and self-control returns.
It happens that the growing conflict causes confusion, light shock and does not allow to collect my thoughts. Then simply in a calm tone, tell your young man that you will return to this question, but in 3 days. But you have the opportunity to find arguments in your favor, understand the point of view of your boyfriend, find possible mutually beneficial ways for both, and avoid insults and accusations.
To avoidconflict, you need to understand the opinion and motive of your loved one. Perhaps proving something, forbidding and demanding, he simply protects you and wishes you well. Then it is just worth a little to open up in front of your half and talk about your aspirations. Letters will help to understand each other’s point of view. Just in moments of quarrels, sit down and write about your feelings, resentment, causes of misunderstanding and conflict. Then remove the letters, and only after a week discuss their content.
Pay more attention to your spiritual development: read fiction, expand your interests. Replenishing your life baggage, you will be able to look at many things in an adult way, and therefore not respond to the many provocations of the conflicting party.

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