How to behave at the funeral?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
February 5, 2013
How to behave at the funeral?

We are all born, old and die. Death is not just a burying of a coffin in the ground, but a special ritual. Since ancient times it was believed that a funeral is a kind of bridge to another world. And so with death come the inevitable bitter experiences and efforts.

There are many beliefs and rules about what you can do at a funeral and what not.

Folk superstitions and signs

How to behave at the funeral? It must be remembered that you say goodbye to a person, and he goes to the best afterlife. It is also necessary to know that the funeral often cause damage, so you should be careful.

  • When a person dies, it is impossible to start washing or sweep.
  • Cover all mirrors. It is customary to do so that the soul of the dead person does not fall into the mirror.
  • Don't lie on the bed of the deceased, otherwise the bones will hurt.
  • Carefully ensure that no one puts any things in the coffin. If you notice something like this, immediately remove them from the coffin and burn them.
  • Remove all the silver from the deceased, so that the unclean will not disturb the deceased.
  • The head of the deceased Christian is covered with a scarf, an icon or a cross is put in his left hand. Under the head and legs are placed on the pillow. The body is covered with a sheet.
  • Do not put needles on the lips of the deceased to save from decomposition. The body of the deceased will not survive, but the needles will be used in black magic.
  • Light a candle near the tomb as a sign that the dead person has passed into the afterlife.
  • Do not put photos of children in the coffin. They can get sick and even die.
  • A pregnant woman should not attend the funeral, otherwise a sick child could be born.
  • Do not cross the road to the cemetery when the dead are carried
  • As a sign of the last farewell, it is customary to throw the earth on the coffin.
  • After returning from the funeral, shake off your shoes and hold your hands over the candle's fire so as not to bring damage from the cemetery.
  • At the commemoration, make sure that no one drinks from the glass of the deceased, otherwise you can not escape the disease.
  • In the first 7 days after the funeral do not take any things out of the house.
  • Up to 40 days do not hand out the clothes of the deceased.

What to say at the funeral

There are no established rules in such cases.However, it is customary to give condolences to the relatives of the deceased who came to the funeral and offer their help. If there are words, then they should be said. This may be memories, favorite activity of the deceased. And just his way of life.

Funeral Clothing

If from the old days it was customary to wear white clothes, as a symbol of the infant purity of the Christian soul, the relatives on the contrary put on black clothes and tied a head with a scarf. It is also accepted to wear mourning for a year, that is, to walk with a covered head and not to visit places of entertainment. But this is not a prerequisite and depends only on your personal choice.

The funeral - this is a farewell to the last journey of your loved one. Spend it with love and respect. And if he had requests during his life on how to bury him or what to say, follow them.

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