How to behave when you are annoying

You will need
  • - pillow;
  • - movie ticket;
  • - a ticket for a tourist trip;
  • - the doctor's consultation;
  • - music for meditation;
  • - Yoga literature.
Try to calm down and analyze the situation. Try to answer the following questions: why are you annoyed? Are there any objective reasons for your dissatisfaction with others? For example, one of them acted contrary to your expectations, the other did not keep the promise given to you, etc. Most likely, the people around you have nothing to do with it, and you just feel depressed or stressed, which results in your irritation.
To cope with depression, adjust the mode of work and rest, get enough sleep, often walk in the fresh air, make sure that your diet contains vitamins and all the necessary components of a healthy diet. In addition, you need psychological relief - work with your fears, complexes, experiences, alone or with the help of a psychologist.
If you experience a very strong irritation on others, you do not want to enter into any communication with them, everything falls out of your hands, stop and just relax a bit. Ask your boss for a few days off or take a vacation without pay, take a trip to some sanatorium, a holiday home or a tourist trip. Stay alone with yourself, do not force yourself to do what you do not want.
Arrange a holiday for yourself, do during this period only what you want: visit discos, sing, dance or, on the contrary, lie all day on the couch and read your favorite books, watch good movies - in a word, try to really relax. Give up all possible destructive thoughts for at least a few days, tell yourself that you will not experience fear, envy, heartache, etc. at least in this period of your life.
Set realistic goals. Setting ambitious tasks, the implementation of which requires the strain of all moral and physical forces, often leads to nervous exhaustion. Especially quickly it can come if you constantly compare yourself with other people - more stress-resistant and stronger than you.
Do not make excessive demands on others, remember that they are people too and can have their own complexes, weaknesses, problems, etc. If it seems to you that someone is doing something wrong, try to figure out why a person should do something that way and not another? Just because you want it?
If you feel that a person provokes you to a scandal, at least temporarily limit communication with him, do not get into a skirmish, do not start a quarrel. Leave the room, walk, go to the cinema, theater, etc. Do not scroll through the head the same grievances and other similar thoughts, tell yourself that you will think about it later.
Give a way to your negative emotions: engage in karate or boxing, and here your usual opponent can be a regular pillow. Arrange "sparring" from the heart!
Develop a positive outlook: try to communicate with optimists, do not focus on the negative events taking place in the world, try to see the bright side in everything.
Contact your doctor if you feel that you cannot cope with excessive irritability on your own.In addition to possible psychological problems, various physiological failures in your body, such as problems with thyroid function, can cause emotional instability.

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