How to behave with a child if he does not know you

All - both adults and children deserve respect and sincere attitude to themselves. Of course, you do not have to spend the whole evening at a party to play Lego with someone else’s child, but you can politely introduce yourself to the little man and answer a couple of questions.
No need to "lisp" and distort your speech, imitating baby talk. The child must hear well-constructed phrases and literary words to learn how to speak correctly. Eliminate profanity and slang expressions.
Typically, girls are drawn to the spectacular appearance of women, and boys tend to communicate with funny guys. When meeting with someone else's child, do not allow familiarity, he must respect adults. Therefore, try to teach your child only good things, this will help you to develop games that you probably have in your friends' house.
Do not impose parenting methods on the child’s parents. If you allow the baby to eat secretly extra candy, it will undermine the authority of his mother, who forbade her child to eat overeat, and harm his health.Strictly follow the rules established in the house where you came to visit. If it seems to you that children are being raised incorrectly, give your parents a book written by a reputable author-teacher.
A child can behave aggressively - shoot bullets from a pistol, select a handbag, pull the hair. In this case, you do not need to scream and swear, put the child next to you and, looking into his eyes, calmly say that it was painful and unpleasant for you. Specify that the enemies behave this way, but nobody wants to acquire them, it is better to remain friends.
Often unfamiliar children, if you communicate with them with pleasure and answer tricky questions, you can trust you with your secret. Do not give out harmless secrets to parents. If the essence of the "secret" in secret smoking or in school absenteeism, try to convince the child not to do it anymore. Tell us about your life experiences when such mischief has seriously hurt you.
At the next meeting, find out how the child is doing. Warn that this is still your secret, but if there is no progress, you will need to ask his parents for help.Children do not just consult adults, they are asking for your help. Be able to provide it in a timely manner and with respect to the baby
Share your skills, skills and knowledge with the guys in the yard. If you organize children and make some beautiful bird feeders, smash a lawn, it will be good for everyone.

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