How to build a sink in the countertop

You will need
  • Wash basin, mixer, silicone sealant, screwdriver, jigsaw.
First of all, it is necessary to mark the boundaries of the washbasin on the countertop. To do this, indent at least 4 cm from the wall, then measure the center of the sink on the countertop with a pencil. Then, using the template attached to the sink to install it, you need to draw on the countertop the contours of the future holes for the sink.
Using an electric jigsaw, you should carefully cut the marked hole in the table along the marked lines and gently coat the edges with a thick layer of silicone. Apply it should be a continuous strip, having a width of about 1 cm.
Before the silicone sealant has dried, a washbasin should be inserted into the hole. This should be done carefully and quickly, because when the silicone dries, changing the position of the sink will be quite difficult.First, you need to cut the silicone strip, then with a sharp movement to remove the sink from the countertop, and only then do the above procedure for installing the sink on the silicone again.
When the silicone sealant finally dries, it will be necessary to additionally fix the sink in the countertop. This is done with the help of a screwdriver and special fasteners attached to the sink.
If the design of the tabletop presupposes the presence of a tile on its surface, then at this stage it is worthwhile to do its laying. When this process is completed, it is necessary to walk with silicone sealant over the seam located between the washbasin and the countertop tile.
The final stage of embedding the sink in the countertop will be the installation of the mixer and the connection of water. To do this, it will be best to use the services of plumbing, which in the shortest possible time will qualitatively cope with these tasks, which require experience and a certain skill.

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