How to call a brother?

March 13, 2013
How to call a brother?

The dream of any person is to have a brother who will help and support, give practical advice and translate his advice into reality, protect against hooligans in the yard, wish happy birthday and angel day, and even “sober” in moments of life when it seems that the world already collapsed. What is the name of a brother who always puts his shoulder in and gives a hand to pull out of everyday problems and family troubles?

To brother can refer to the word "bro" - brutal and weighty. You can say: "Brother", showing him all his tender love. You can in the glamorous manner be called "braze", that is, "brother" from English. If your brother is not touchy, then “Bratello” will do the same - familiarly and naturally. And even to the inexperienced brother, you can turn this way: brother, brother, brother, brother, acrobat, brother, brother.

It would be to whom to turn, I think, a real, bloody and loving brother will not be offended by any vocabulary “perversions” if they were said with love and respect.

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