How to change the start menu?

Probably, each of us has repeatedly encountered a similar problem - the transition to a new operating system. This transition entails a bunch of additional inconveniences: you are not satisfied with the appearance, sounds, speed, etc. Therefore, everyone wants to immediately begin to change the interface of the operating system. Tip: always start small, for example, from the Start menu. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to change the Start menu and how to work with it in general, then this article is just for you.

Change Start Panel: Windows XP System

Changing settings in the Start menu includes the following: changing the look of the Start menu, adding and removing components.

Especially for those who do not know how to change the "Start" button, we explain that the options on this menu are in the "Start Menu Settings" window. To display this window on your monitor, click RMB on the "Start" button; from the menu that appears, select "Properties", and then in the "Taskbar Properties and Start Menu" window, click on the top "Configure" icon. The item "General" will allow us to do the following:

  • determine the size of the icons: large or small;
  • determine the number of applications in the list of frequently used, or clear this list;
  • choose whether to show e-mail and Internet applications in the Start menu. You can also select applications associated with these programs.

Item "Advanced" provides many additional features. For example, such as:

  • the choice of the option responsible for opening the submenu when hovering and further holding the cursor;
  • highlighting newly installed programs in the Start menu;
  • selection of items shown in the Start menu (and also select how they are displayed - as a link or menu);
  • permission to drag the Start menu icons;
  • allow display of recently used documents. This list can be cleared by clicking "Clear List".

We have listed only the main points that you must do before changing the "Start" panel.

Change Start Panel: Windows 7 System

What changes are visible when familiarizing with the Windows 7 Start menu? Firstly, this is what the "Find" button is missing. Now in the search bar just enter the name of the desired document, file or folder. If such an item is not found, you should click "View other results" and select the place where the search should be performed.

Secondly, the updated "Shut down" button. Compared to a button in XP, it is much more efficient and allows you to finish the job with just one click. The button contains functions: change user, block, log out, sleep, reboot, hibernation.

How to change the start button of Windows 7: appearance

  1. To do this, download the Win 7 Start Button Changer application.
  2. Next, unpack the archive and save the resulting files somewhere in a secluded place (just do not forget where).
  3. Run the application "Win 7 Start Button Changer.exe". In case if it is not run under an administrator, the work of the program is not guaranteed.
  4. Click the "Select & Change Start Button" and view the sets of new beautiful buttons (some are included by default in this great utility).
  5. Navigate to the folder "Sample Orbs", located along with the program, and select the desired collection of buttons. Then the program will automatically save a backup copy of the file "explorer.exe" and replace the old collection of pictures with a new one.
  6. Well, if you do not like the updated Start button, you can easily restore the default icons by clicking on the "Resote Original Explorer Backup" button.

I hope this article has answered your questions and will help you in the future.And if someone, for example, from your friends still doesn’t know how to change the Start icon, have them read our article.

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