How to check the cooler?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 29, 2015
How to check the cooler?

If you suspect that the internal parts of a laptop or computer are constantly heating up, then you need to think about the health of the fan (or cooler). If it badly cools the heated elements, then they can quickly break them down.

Consider how to check the cooler.

Check cooler performance

There are several ways to check whether the computer or laptop cooler works:

  • check on another device;
  • special applications.

Check on another device

If you see that the cooler remains motionless when the computer is running, then you can check it by connecting it to another device. If it does not work there, then it must be cleaned and repaired or replaced with a new one. This option is applicable to both computers and laptops.

Special applications

Those who do not want to search for the cause of the breakdown for a long time can be advised to install a special application, which itself can determine the performance of the cooler.As an example, you can use the program. After downloading and installing, change the language in this program by selecting Configure → Options → Language.

After that start the main menu. In the window that opens, you can analyze the status of the fans and the temperature of all devices that are connected to them.

If the temperature readings are too high, then there will be a fire icon next to the device name. To correct in the lower part, you need to select a suitable fan and click the "Up" button.

If the temperature regimes did not normalize, then you need to remove the cooler, blow it out and clean it.

It should be noted that experts recommend cleaning the cooler once a year for normal operation of devices.

If your cooler works rather poorly, you need to learn how to overclock it.

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