How to choose a fence for a suburban area

Fence of corrugated

Such a fencing is now fashionable. Many villas hide behind this monumental structure. Decking is made of galvanized iron coated with a special polymer composition.
Here are its benefits based:
Durability. Galvanized iron does not rust and, unlike wood, does not rot.
It is not necessary to coat it with paint, since the polymer has a decorative function and does not need to be updated.
- The price of the fence is acceptable, which is also an attractive factor.
You can find colors to your taste. The main basic colors are dark green, red, brown, blue, and signal gray. Some manufacturers offer the widest range of shades, which consists of several dozen colors.
From a professional flooring create a continuous fence or a shtaketnik. Solid, which goes on the road, can be from 1.5 to 2.5 meters high. Between the plots, depending on the specific region, the charter of the dacha partnership, fences are allowed, aiming from 1.5 to 1.75 meters upwards, solid or with gaps.
If the neighbors agree, they can build a two-meter fence between their territories.
One of the latest fashion trends - fences of corrugated board with a figured edge. They look decorative and will be an excellent obstacle to intruders.

Plastic options

Plastic fences also look very impressive. From their positive qualities, we can distinguish durability, ease of care. Manufacturers also offer such fences of various shades, but the color palette is poorer than in the previous version.
Another disadvantage of this fence is quite a high cost. But those who want to have a beautiful fence at the dacha and “will not stand up for the price” can stop at this option.

Wooden fences

This is the most ancient type of fences. Such fences stood around peasant and landlord houses 2 and 3 centuries ago.
Of course, now wooden fences have changed radically. There are impregnations that prolong their life. So that the tree does not rot in the ground, you first need to make a hole in the soil with a brown drill, then - to hammer in it the iron pillars, and already on them to fasten wooden components.
One of the biggest advantages of such a product is low cost, and of the downsides is the need for periodic painting.

Other types of country fences

Another budget option - fencing from the grid of the chain-link. This fence is even cheaper than wood. But it is transparent, so you can not hide from prying eyes behind it.
Wrought fences are durable, beautiful, but they are quite expensive. Often they are combined with brick pillars. Such construction will be overwhelmed majestically and stylishly.
From the presented options, it is easy to choose the optimal one that meets the taste and financial possibilities of the owner of the villa.

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