How to complete the calculation on the establishment of a limit in the checkout

First, it should be clarified that if you work with different banks, it is enough to submit the calculation of the cash balance limit to one of them, to the other, to bring a certified copy by the head.
This document is filled in form No. 0408020 in duplicate, one of which remains in the bank, the other is transferred to you. Remember that during the year you will be able to retake the calculation.
First you need to put in the name of the year for which the calculation of the limit. Then in the name to write the name of the organization, and you can not completely, for example, LLC "Vostok".
Next, specify the number of the current account that is open in this bank. Below, respectively, the name of the bank.
After that go to the main part of the form. According to the data below, the bank will decide whether to give you a limit on the amount claimed or not. All figures are taken in the last three months.In the line “cash receipts” indicate all receipts, including loans, earmarked income and others, that is, all cash received to the organization.
Then divide the above sum by the number of working days for three months, enter the resulting number in the line “average daily revenue”. Below you can specify the average revenue per hour, but this is not necessary.
In the next line, specify the amount of money that was paid for various needs, here you can include general business needs, travel expenses and others. But minus social expenses, as well as wage costs.
Then sum up all the expenses for the last three months, divide by the number of days for the same period and record the resulting number in the line “average daily consumption”.
Next, you need to determine the date of delivery of the proceeds to the bank, to do this, specify the time of the organization, as well as the hours of delivery of cash to the bank branch.
Fill out the requested amount of the limit below. It can be slightly overestimated relative to the average daily revenue. It is necessary to write and the purpose of its finding incheckout counterorganizations, for example, to buy fuel and lubricants or payroll.
The calculation of the cash balance limit is signed by the head and the chief accountant of the organization. Further signatures are certified by the seal. Remember that all in all blank lines must be dashed.
The decision of the bank is made out below; this is done directly by the head of the department or another responsible person. The bank must also put its official stamp.

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