How to connect a sconce?

For occupations that require perseverance and concentration, such as knitting, embroidery, it is very important to provide a workplace with high-quality lighting. This will help reduce eye strain with an additional light source. In such a situation will be relevant to install sconces. Also, it will be a wonderful element of home interior, creating an atmosphere of comfort and security. If you undertake to install such a lamp yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of how to connect a sconce.

Sconces connection rules

Conducting repair work in the house, it is advisable to immediately attend to the future location of the wall lamp, which will hide all unnecessary wires. Otherwise, you can use the outlet.

  • Connection sconces should be carried out as follows. The lamp holder has two wires. One of them is connected to the switch wire. The junction must be insulated.
  • The other wire is attached to the wire of the plug and is also insulated. When buying wall lamp, it is important to pay attention to the presence of a built-in switch, which will greatly facilitate the further operation of the device.
  • But the absence of a branded switch should not be the reason for the rejection of sconces. This can be easily fixed by yourself. In the case of the lamp we drill a hole for the switch. Insert a small piece of plastic tubing into it, which will serve as protection against the threat of chafing of the switch cord.
  • Obviously, the connection scheme of sconces is quite simple, and it can be used at home. If all the manipulations are done correctly, then the following sequence should be formed. The first contact of the plug, connected to the phase / zero, - the switch - the cartridge - the second contact of the plug, connected to zero / phase
    Sconces connection

Screw connection details

In solving the problem of how to install sconces, you need to consider various options. But all of them, of course, must proceed from the convenience for the user, ensuring maximum comfort. It is also worth paying attention to the features of home decor, choose the most successful and suitable options for it. This will not only make your leisure time comfortable, but will also delight you with its aesthetic harmony.

In order to ensure the durability of the selected sconce,should pay special attention to the place of fixing it on the wall. Manufacturers have provided special hooks hooked into the junction box. But since it is often made of fragile plastic, this cannot guarantee a good fixation. That is why it is necessary to drill in the place where the sconce will be located, an additional hole in which you need to place the dowel and fix the hook on it.

If your sconce is designed for two light bulbs, then the number of wires in the box will be large. Usually, they come in two colors, for example, white and red. It is necessary to combine red with white, and white with red. To the resulting twist wire is screwed from the switch and one of the network cables. The second wire from the switch must be connected to the network cable. Places twists better insulated.

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