How to connect the speaker system?

December 1, 2014
How to connect the speaker system?

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How to connect the speaker system?

Connecting the speaker system to a computer or TV is not at all a difficult task. We will describe how to do this in this article. You may also be interested in other articles from the Installation and Connection section on our website.

Connecting acoustics: instructions

If your speaker system consists of two speakers connected by wires, there can be no connection problems at all: just plug the acoustics plug into the audio jack on your TV or computer. On computers, this connector is usually marked in green under the color of the audio system connector, and it is most often located on the rear panel, although in some cases the same connector is also on the front or top panel.

If the speakers are not interconnected, they must first be connected to each other using cables with colored plugs. There are no special difficulties here either - insert the plug into the connector of the same color on the column.If you have three-component acoustics, then you need to connect the speakers to the subwoofer (again, focusing on the colors of the plugs and connectors), and already the subwoofer - to a computer or TV.

More difficult with multicomponent speaker systems - for example, a format 5.1. But here you can understand: the connectors on the subwoofer are marked with different colors and signed. For example, connect the red plug of the right front speaker to the red FR connector, and the white plug of the left front speaker to the white FL connector. Cables from the speakers and the subwoofer should then be connected to a computer or TV assuming that the size is green. front speakers are inserted, the rear speakers are black, and the subwoofer and center speaker are orange.

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