How to connect the adapter?

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How to connect the adapter?

A wireless network adapter is a device that allows a computer to connect to the Internet. Wi-Fi adapters are relevant for PCs and laptops that are not equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

In the article we will look at how to connect and configure the adapter.

Types of network adapters

To date, there are two types of Wi-Fi-adapters

External adapters

  1. There are devices that look like a regular USB flash drive. To the computer or laptop connected via USB-connector.
  2. Also available are adapters that look like a mini-router. The device is equipped with one or two external antennas and is connected to the computer via USB / mini USB.

Internal adapters

  1. There are devices that look like a microcircuit, to which one or two antennas are attached. To the computer are connected through the motherboard.
  2. There are also adapters with built-in antenna, which are inserted into the expansion slot of the computer (if available).

Regardless of the type of network adapter device provides access to the Internet through a connection to an access point.

Connecting and configuring a Wi-Fi adapter

  1. Check the contents of the wireless device: adapter, installation disk, user manual for connection and configuration. Included can also be an extension cord (for USB adapters).
  2. Connect the adapter to a computer or laptop (via USB-port, to the motherboard or through the slot - depending on the model of the device). To connect the USB adapter, it is better to use the ports that are on the back of the computer or use an extension cable to connect (so the data transfer speed will be higher).
  3. Then insert the disk into the drive and install the software. Follow the installation wizard instructions while accepting the license agreement.
  4. If you do not have an installation disk, then download the drivers from the Internet by typing in the adapter model and the type of operating system into the search engine.
  5. After the installation of the software is completed, the computer will display the corresponding entry: click the "OK" button and close all windows.
  6. Remove the device (if safe removal is necessary, then use it) and restart the computer.
  7. Wait until the operating system is fully loaded and reconnect the Wi-Fi adapter to the computer or laptop.
  8. Left-click on the monitor icon, which is located on the taskbar near the clock, and check if the network connection icon appears.
  9. Select the required connection from the list and click on it.
  10. Enter a password if necessary.

How to connect an internal adapter to the computer

To install an internal network adapter in the computer system unit, there must be a free socket for it.

  1. Turn off the computer from the network and disconnect all the wires from the back panel of the system unit (if necessary, record the location of the cables).
  2. Place the unit on a flat surface and unscrew the screws on the back cover.
  3. The desired slot is located on the rear panel in the lower part of the case: find the empty slot for the adapter, if necessary, remove the protective panel (unscrew the bolt).
  4. Remove the antenna from the adapter.
  5. Next, touch the body of the unit (to remove static electricity).
  6. Securely fix the adapter in the socket.
  7. If you removed the protective panel, put it in place (fasten the bolt).
  8. Then you need to install the antenna to the network adapter.
  9. Close the case of the system unit and fasten all the bolts in place.
  10. Connect all cables to the back panel and plug the computer into the network.
  11. Click on the power button and wait for the full OS.

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