How to create a project?

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How to create a project?

There are many specialized programs to create an interior room. Some of them are oriented to the amateur, some to the professionals, they also differ in their purpose. The most widespread programs that allow you to create a 3d project for interior design, such as: 3D Studio MAX and Sweet Home 3D.

3D Studio MAX

The program 3D Studio MAX allows you to create a project from start to finish. It consists of 6 significant panels:

  • create;
  • modify;
  • hierarchy;
  • motion;
  • display;
  • utilities.

The image is presented above, front, left as a projection and perspective (as a three-dimensional view). The construction of the room begins with the creation of walls. This can be done in several ways: from boxes; use planes and polygons; applying splines with extrusion. We will use the last option, because it is more simple.

  1. Through the main menu, you must select Customize - Unitssetup, in the window that appears - Metric, the grid step is specified in Customize - Grid and snaps settings. So, the spline (room plan) was created. Next, you need to extrude the spline in height.
  2. Use the parameters amount, segments, cap start and cap end.
  3. Convert the object to a polygon mesh.
  4. At the Vertex sub-level, dragging vertices is performed. To the polygons near the door and windows, apply the Bridge command.
  5. Beveling the window is done by scaling vertices.
  6. The floor of the room can be created with a plane, and the ceiling with a spline with snaps.
  7. The frame for the window is created with 2 rectangles, then extruded, the chamfers are made using Chamfer, Smooth with Autosmooth. A spline that follows the contours of the room, and its copy creates a baseboard and ceiling plinth.
  8. Go to the creation of ordinary furniture. The sofa can be created using three boxes, placing two of them between one large, forming walls.
  9. Apply chamfer and smooth modifiers. When building cabinets, shelves and wardrobe, use boxes with the above modifiers.
  10. Use materials to blend color. Using spline, create a table, extrude it and apply anti-aliasing to give it a realistic look.

Sweet home 3D

Let's look at how to create a room project in the Sweet home 3D application.

  1. First of all, let's start with the construction of walls. To draw walls, select the create function in the context menu or by using the corresponding icon on the quick access panel. The drawing of the wall is considered complete when you click the mouse, reaching the corners of the intersection of the walls.The drawing of the wall is one line, while paying attention to the background image. If you want to edit the built walls, make sure that the object is selected with the mouse and visually highlighted. The dialog box provides for changing the parameters of the geometry and texture of the object.
  2. Copies of furniture and a variety of textures, as well as windows, doors and other accessories are stored in the registry of the program. Dragging them onto the stage can be done by dragging the mouse, while the program uses the snap mode. Objects extracted from the registry are edited in the drawing via indicators (rotation, change in height, size and location). The color, texture and character of the furniture surface is changed in the dialog box. It is invoked by double clicking on an object.
  3. To make the photo photorealistic, use the function of creating images in 3d-projection. You can choose the camera mode, image quality, adjust the lighting and shadows of objects. The program Sweet Home 3D can be used online.

Alternative programs

Alternatively, you can use the following programs:

  • Google ScketchUp;
  • Apartam online service;
  • Sweet Home 3D;
  • FloorPlan 3D;
  • VisiCon;
  • PRO100;
  • Aston dizayn;
  • IKEA Home Planner.

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