How to create a trollface?

Svetlana Noskova
Svetlana Noskova
March 6, 2013
How to create a trollface?

Comics with funny faces trollface literally flooded social networks. This character means mocking laughter in some situation. Many people want to learn how to create a trollface and surprise everyone with their sharpness of mind and causticity. Usually, well-known and standard situations with an unusual comic ending are taken as the basis for such comics.

Services to create

There are many services on the Internet, thanks to which you don’t have to understand how to create trollface comics for a long time. You can, of course, draw a comic strip in a paint or in a photoshop, but it takes much longer. So, if you use a special service, for example,, for your convenience there is a special constructor. There, you can first select the number of pictures that your comic will consist of. It can be just one image, two, four, six ... well, any number. Next, you choose the background on which you will create your comics. This may be a monochrome canvas, a rainbow, or a frame from a movie.You can upload a frame yourself or choose from an existing photo library.

Then you drag the trollface face to the background and create an interesting caption. The peculiarity of such comics is precisely in the signature, because without it the trollface is an ordinary picture with a laughing face.

Everything is very simple

In the comic generator you can load your already almost ready meme and add the signature to it in a professional font, make your face more diva and meaningful. Also in such generators brushes, pencils, fills are available, so anyone who has at least some drawing skills can create their own comic. Some online generators have synchronization with social networks, so the comics you have made can be optionally automatically sent to your own page, or left in the comics database on the site.

Regarding the creation of such comics in Photoshop, this is a more laborious matter, but having armed with all the abundance of tools in this program, you can create a masterpiece comic with an original idea that is not similar to other sample stories from the Internet.

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