How to create reports on the use of Internet resources

You will need
  • - a computer
  • - Traffic Inspector program
Download the latest available version of Traffic Inspector. Activate the program and perform its initial setup using the setup wizard. Add users to the program. After these steps, you can proceed to further settings.
Define database settings. Traffic Inspector can store data in an embedded or external database. In the simplest case, the embedded SQLite database is used, which does not require preliminary configuration. External database settings are available through the Traffic Inspector [] node, context menu item "External SQL Server ...".
Define statistics collection settings for a user or group. Find the account you need (Traffic Inspector [] / Users and Groups). In the account properties, on the Network Statistics tab, define the parameters for collecting data and recording them into the database.These settings affect the preparation of the Network Statistics report. On the "Logging" tab, define the parameters for data collection and their recording in the database for the needs of the "traffic" reports.
After users have time to accumulate statistics and after adding data to the database, you can generate reports. Reports are available via the eponymous node in the console tree. For each report, a construction interval and objects (users, groups, counters) are set for which the report is built. The following report types are available in version
• traffic report,
• time report
• speed report
• network statistics,
• report on current connections,
• proxy server
• context filtering,
• report on letters
• antivirus.

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