How to decorate a Christmas tree: the stars showed their favorite toys

Christmas tree decoration is a special thing. Pleasure and mood, no matter how old you are. Woman’s Day asked actors and broadcasters whether they have favorite toys and why they value them.

Anfisa Chekhov, TV presenter

Anfisa Chekhova
Photo: archive "Antennas - Telesem"

“I haven’t decorated the New Year tree for a long time. But I still have wonderful childhood memories, when we went to the grandfather in the village with the whole family. We decorated the Christmas tree with our crafts. Although the grandfather and the factory toys were kept: small valenki, wall cuckoo clocks. But these skates of foil and paper, decorated with wool, - my favorite toy. We made them together with the grandfather. The skates are kept at home on the shelf above the desk. "

Nikolay Baskov, singer

Nikolay Baskov
Photo: archive "Antennas - Telesem"

“This grandfather frost was presented to me by my parents when I first started living in Moscow. Then Grandfather moved with me to one apartment, then to another. At one time, Santa Claus stood in the kitchen all year round, providing a holiday and New Year's mood in the house almost constantly.And I advise everyone: do not rush to part with New Year's toys. ”

Olga Ushakova, host of the Good Morning program

Photo: personal archive

- I was born in a military family, and we often moved all our childhood. Almost every New Year was celebrated elsewhere. Apparently, in order to create a feeling of home, my mother carefully kept and transported with us a box with New Year's toys. I remember there were bullfinches, snow-covered cones and my favorite red beads. But the central place has always been given to the top or, as we called it, the crown. We had tall, fluffy Christmas trees, so the honorable duty to hoist the top was given to dad. This tradition, like the crown itself, I took into my family. My daughters Dasha and Ksyusha with pleasure take the Christmas tree decoration for ourselves, but the final chord is always performed by the head of the family, after which we solemnly light the garlands. I am a toy as the apple of my eye. I want her to please my grandchildren, and maybe even great-grandchildren.

Dmitry Borisov, presenter of the program "Evening News"

Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

- By the New Year I have a special relationship: the holiday is connected not only with the family, but also with work.I spend both December 31 and January 1 as amended, more often on the air (Dmitry is not only the moderator, but also the general producer of Channel One. The World Wide Web. ”- Approx. Antennas). This ball with beautiful patterns and logo of the First Channel is handmade. For almost 11 years on the channel I have already formed my own collection of similar ones. On the one hand, the ball looks fabulous and homely. On the other - recalls the work. Congratulating on the air millions of viewers, recharge positive energy, and this feeling is difficult to exchange for something else. My Christmas tree is always different. I am not a fan of artificial, but also a complex attitude towards felled living. At home, a New Year tree appears at the last moment, December 30 or 31, when it becomes a pity to cut down but not sold trees in the bazaars or in stores. He experimented with potted trees several times. They require special care and survive only on the balcony with proper warming of the earth, so after the holidays they move out of town, where I plant them back into nature.

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