How to decorate an apartment for the New Year

How to decorate an apartment for the New Year

How beautiful to decorate an apartment for the New Year of the black water snake? How to prepare an apartment, a house for the New Year.

The new year is near. To create a festive atmosphere, you need to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2013. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to decorate a home for the New Year, because sometimes it is enough to show a little imagination. You can make Christmas toys and decorations with their own hands.


What can decorate the apartment for the New Year?



Garlands.It is best to take the various garlands so that they can be easily adapted to the details of the interior. When decorating it is important to consider the location of the outlets. You can start right from the corridor. It is necessary to wrap with garlands a rack for clothes, hangers - so guests can feel the special festive atmosphere in the apartment from the very beginning. The main thing - to have the length of the garland.


Living room- just room for imagination in terms ofdecorating the apartment for the New Year. You can decorate curtains, curtain rods, home theater speakers, etc. A large Christmas tree is also usually made in the living room. Her decoration is the very last step.If, however, for the holiday acquired several small Christmas trees - you can safely arrange them in different corners of the apartment as prompted by fantasy.


Often, small Christmas trees are sold already decorated.So much the better - there is no need to puzzle over their decoration. You can arrange Christmas trees in the most unexpected places - so even more fun. You can fasten festive caps or dark glasses on them.


You can decorate the apartment for the New Year and with the help of candles.Only you need to do this very carefully. Of course, the candles will create an indescribable romantic atmosphere in the apartment, but they are still dangerous, as they might accidentally catch fire from something. Definitely candles are not an option if the New Year is expected to meet in a big and noisy company.


Rain, tinsel, serpentine- about them, probably, it is not necessary to explain anything. It is only necessary to take into account that by itself the rain looks pale. But, if you decompose it in window-sills, in cabinets, shelves, you can get a good effect. Looks good combination of rain with serpentine. It is necessary to decorate the room on the New Year with rain and serpentine so that these elements do not accidentally catch fire from the flame of candles.


You can find application andbeautiful big vase. Do not think that this is not an appropriate element of decor. You can put it in a prominent place, place small candles or fluffy spruce branches next to it. Plain candles will look great. They can be of the same height or different. It is best to take from 3 to 10 pieces. Candles can also be decorated. To do this, you can use pine cones, artificial flowers, coniferous twigs, beads - in general, everything that fantasy tells. Candles of red and silver, golden color look very New Year.


How to decorate a Christmas tree in the apartment?



How to decorate a Christmas tree in the apartment?

How to prepare an apartment for the New Year - you need to decorate a Christmas tree beautifully!


It is best to use toys of one or several colors when decorating a Christmas tree. For example, you can stay on the red-blue or red-silver combinations. It is desirable that the chosen color scheme should correspond not only Christmas tree decorations, but also tinsel, rain, bows and paper snowflakes with their own hands. For decoration it is quite possible to use candies in shiny wrappers, nuts wrapped in foil, I will creatively look for chupa chups and chocolate figurines.If the room does not have enough space to install a large tree, it is possible to replace it with a bouquet of spruce or pine branches. In the composition, you can add fresh flowers or dried flowers, decorate all Christmas decorations, rain and tinsel. A tasteful bouquet sometimes looks even smarter than a traditional Christmas tree.


Generally,The tree does not have to be huge. It can be small and very attractive. You can buy a low coniferous pot plant, for example, cypress, decorate it with bows and rain, you can get a great New Year tree, which will decorate well with your apartment for the new year 2013. The main thing is to know how to choose a Christmas tree for the New Year.


You can make a creative symbolic tree at all. For this you need to make a wire frame, then decorate it. You can use tinsel, candy, foil - there is where fantasy roam.


Decoration of the table for the New Year.



How beautiful to decorate the table for the New Year.

How beautiful to decorate the table for the New Year.


The decoration of the table is always given special significance. You can create a festive atmosphere with the help of candlesticks. The middle of the candlesticks to decorate with flowers, bows, stars.Excellent look at the New Year's table and a variety of coniferous compositions, which are not so difficult to do. It is necessary to find a beautiful ceramic stand and put into it a sponge called piaflor. Natural or artificial branches of spruce or pine are inserted into it. The high decorated candle in the center will look great. On the needles you can create an imitation of snow with sparkles, salt, foam. In order to get the "snow", you need to prepare a saturated salt solution and immerse branches in it at night. After they are removed from the liquid and dried, white crystals, resembling snow or frost, are formed on the needles. Foam can be fixed on the needles using hairspray. Also in the stores for the New Year often appear aerosols to create artificial snow.


Not a bad option fortable decorations for the New Year 2013- these are tablet candles floating in containers with water. Water can be tinted or poured into it multi-colored or silver sparkles. Floating candles look good in crystal vases. They create mysteriously flickering glare and unusual shadows on the ceiling.This is really magical! Completion of the festive table decor will give small candles in the original candlesticks. Sweet teeth can make a separate gift. Taking a large vase or other container, pour candy into it and place it on the table.


Decoration of window sills, windows and work surfaces.



If there are a lot of free horizontal surfaces, they can accommodate a variety of compositions of coniferous bouquets, bowls of water and candles, decorated baskets and boxes will look good. Of course, not always enough lively greens (twigs) for a variety of compositions. In this case, it is possible to use home flowers. Of course, they do not need to cut. You can put them in the middle of the created composition, in the ground to stick a few beautiful Christmas tree branches. The most spectacular plants for New Year's compositions are pointessia (has red leaves), nightshade, white mistletoe. Do not despair if the apartment does not have such exotic plants. Suit and traditional, such as Anthurium, Kalanchoe, Begonia.


Security measures when decorating the house for the New Year.



On a festive evening, I do not want to worry about anything.In order for everything to go well, you need to follow normal security measures. Glowing garlands need to hang so that they do not come into contact with flammable materials such as curtains or cotton. If candles were used in the decor, you need to make sure that they stand firmly on a horizontal surface, placed in a reliable candlestick or a wide mold. It is necessary to remove everything away from the candles that can ignite.


Security measures when decorating the house for the New Year.

Before you decorate the house for the New Year, remember the security measures.


Special vigilance must be exercised in the apartment where there are small children. They often love pulling and pulling the tablecloth. When decorating a Christmas tree in an apartment for the New Year, it is advisable to hang decorations so that the little ones cannot reach them. If the toys are still located within the reach of children, you need to make sure that they can not be broken, and also have no accurate parts. It is very important to consider the above in case the Christmas tree is located on the floor. It must be securely fixed, otherwise the kid can overturn the tree on himself and seriously injure himself.


If the child is very small (under the age of 3 years), you can offer him to decorate the Christmas tree pasted on the wall in the apartment. This is a fairly safe and exciting activity for children.It is difficult to keep track of the kids, because they are very mobile, and in one second they can harm property or themselves. In no case can not leave the child unattended, especially in the decorated room.


It has not yet been established which spruce, artificial or real, is safer. Both can easily catch fire. That is why it is not necessary to decorate luminous garlands when decorating a Christmas tree. You can never use candles, even if they are in candlesticks. These are the main points in the question of how to decorate an apartment for the New Year, get ready for the New Year meeting!


Often for the new year is scheduled to launch fireworks. Before this, it is imperative to ensure that the fireworks are in good condition and have not expired. It is necessary to carefully read the instructions and not to allow children to the fireworks. It should be borne in mind that fireworks can only be launched in places specifically set and allowed for this. It is necessary as far as possible to move away from the launch site. Toddlers may be afraid of noise and claps. It is necessary to take the child in his arms, and, if possible, move away from the launch site.

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