How to drain the oil from the engine and box of the car?

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How to drain the oil from the engine and box of the car?

During the operation of the car engine oil oxidizes and burns out under the influence of high temperatures. In addition, the oil is contaminated with metal particles formed in the engine as a result of its wear. Therefore, approximately every ten thousand runs the engine oil must be changed. To do this, first of all it is necessary to completely drain the old waste oil from the engine.

How to drain the engine oil

Even a novice car enthusiast will be able to drain the oil. This work, though dirty, is very simple, not requiring special knowledge and skills. In order to drain the oil from the engine will need a minimum set of tools and materials:

  • long spanner wrench with a head of 17 - 19 mm (depending on the size of the plug in the drain hole);
  • old basin, waste pan or any other container with a volume of at least five liters;
  • long rubber gloves;
  • hard brush;
  • a piece of rags.

Operating procedure.

  1. Oil should be drained from a hot engine, immediately after driving in a car. If the engine is cold, start the car and warm up the engine to idle operating temperature.
  2. Drive the car on a ramp or on a viewing pit in the garage. Stop the engine, put the car on the handbrake.
  3. Open the hood. Unscrew the oil filler cap and remove it. Wipe the neck and cover with a rag.Drain the oil
  4. Take a basin, gloves, wrench, brush and rags and climb under the car.
  5. Use a brush and cloth to clean the drain plug located in the oil sump pan.
  6. Put on your gloves, move the basin closer and start to unscrew the cork with a wrench. Do it very slowly and carefully! Engine oil has a temperature of about 80abouton celsius! In case of careless movement, you can seriously burn yourself.
  7. When you feel that the cork is almost turned off, continue to unscrew it with your right hand, and take a basin in your left hand and hold it under the drain hole.
  8. After the oil rushes down, lower the basin smoothly to the floor.If by negligence you drop the cork in the basin, do not rush to urgently get it from there. Nothing will happen to her. Wait until the oil has cooled, and only then remove the plug from the pelvis. Check to see if the copper gasket has come off.
  9. Wait until the oil has completely drained from the engine. It takes about twenty minutes.
  10. After that, wipe the drain bolt and screw it into the neck.

Similarly, drain the transmission oil from the gearbox. The only difference is that the oil in the box change much less frequently than in the engine.

How to drain the oil from the gearbox

In order to drain the oil from the gearbox will need wrenches, rags, gloves and a container for collecting oil

Operating procedure

  1. Oil from the gearbox, as well as from the engine, is drained when the engine is warm. In this case, it becomes less viscous and faster and easier flows out of the box. If the engine has cooled while standing, warm it up at idle to operating temperature.
  2. Drive the car on a ramp or put it on a viewing pit. Stop the engine, put the car on the handbrake, for greater reliability, support the wheel with a brick.
  3. Pull out the dipstick to control the oil level in the gearbox. In the old VAZ models there is no such probe. Instead, there is a plug of the filler hole, which should be unscrewed.
  4. Go down under the car, wear gloves and with a wrench of the right size start to unscrew the drain plug.Drain the oil
  5. When the stopper is almost unscrewed, substitute a container for collecting used oil under the drain hole and completely remove the stopper.
  6. Wait for all the oil to flow out of the gearbox. This usually takes no less than a quarter of an hour.
  7. After the last drops of oil are flowing down, wipe the drain plug with a soft cloth and screw it tightly back into the neck.

Sometimes, when a new oil is poured, it is inadvertently poured into the engine too much. In cases where the oil level exceeds the “MAX” mark on the control dipstick, it becomes necessary to drain excess oil from the engine without unscrewing the plug in the oil pan for this. You can do this as follows.

  1. Pull the dipstick out of the hole.
  2. Insert the dropper tube deep into this hole.
  3. Attach the other end of the tube tightly to the tip of a large medical rubber bulb (or syringe without a needle).
  4. Using a pear (or syringe), suck a small portion of the oil and pour it into a jar.
  5. Check oil level with dipstick.
  6. Repeat step 4 if necessary.

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