How to equip a house in 2018

Today in the market there are many proposals for the sale of prefabricatedhouseIkov, which is quite easy to install in your garden area for a few days. You just need to decide what areahouseand you will be satisfied, as well as how many rooms there will be.
But here is a summerhouseik is selected and installed. To your countryhouseIk was cozy, you may have to work hard. Any hostess seeks to creatively approach the creation of comfort in a new home. And most often the main premises inhouseIt will become a kitchen or veranda.
For a little summerhouseand the veranda can turn into a central resting place and even into the living room. Given the size of the veranda, it is possible to arrange a dining table, chairs, a sofa in it. Chairs from lightweight material, for example, wicker, will look very good. Special chic - to put a rocking chair on the veranda. The advantage of light furniture is that it can be easily transferred to the garden to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Convenient is the location of the veranda, in which from it is the entrance to the kitchen. This will simplify the supply of food on the table. As for the kitchen itself, then it is necessary to provide for it a stove, a sink, a table and a refrigerator. This is the minimum set of items that allows you to cook. If you are interested in more rational and economical use of space, arrange the equipment in the following order: refrigerator, sink, table, stove.
Arrange the bedroom in the summerhouseike it is possible and with a minimum of necessary furniture. Folding furniture is very convenient. It can be a sofa bed, a couple of chairs, a built-in wardrobe, which allows efficient use of the space of the room. The neat little dressing table will not hurt either.
If you happen to purchase a summerhouseik with an attic, it is quite possible to use it as a bedroom. Under the stairs, it is convenient to place a small locker for clothes or to use such a corner as a workplace. Another option for using the space under the stairs is to equip there a mini pantry for storing household utensils and garden tools.
The final touches to creating a cozy interior in the summerhousee - design of rooms with curtains, curtains and other refined trifles, which are able to create an atmosphere of unique interior.
Now that you have landscaped your summerhouse, you have to settle in a comfortable rocking chair, relax and dream a little. Time spent in suchhousee, leave the warmest memories for a whole year.

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