How to equip a small balcony. 70 Ideas

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Thanks to the strong desire and the desire for a beautiful, immense imagination and skillful hands you can do incredible things on several square meters: turn into a place for rest and dreams, a place to work or a summer dining room. I'll tell you what you can do literally everything, everything depends on your wishes.

It’s not even important that you have a balcony or a loggia, a breeze through the iron railing is glazed or walking, there are a huge number of options from which you can choose the one and only. And in the smallest balcony you can place a table and a chair on which you will hold your morning tea party, presenting yourself inParisand looking at the city’s panorama of the city or swearing neighbors opposite.

Also, you can sit in a comfortable chair reading books or retire on the couch with a tablet.

Another way to use the balcony (loggia) is as an extra room for extra things, toys, tools. But it will bring more benefits if used as a workplace or room for a child.

But if the wife wins in disputes over the balcony, you can use the balcony as a small garden to grow vegetables or ordinary flowers.

We advise owners of absolutely tiny balconies to use folding or removable tables. It is very convenient and practical. You can make it yourself from the tree.

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