How to fill overlock?

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How to fill overlock?

Any housewife who is interested in sewing needs to know how to fill the overlock. This device is a great addition to the sewing machine, as it can be used to expand the possibilities of processing and trimming even the most complex fabrics (knitwear, stretch, loose or light transparent fabrics).

Modern overlocks are a multifunctional mechanism that can grind, sweep, and trim the edges of an extra part. The seams treated with overlock are flexible and strong. It can be easily and quickly rebuilt on different overlay stitches (narrow or wide). To process the edge of the frill, making it more wavy, or, conversely, to obtain an assembly of different density with the help of an attachment. With the help of an overlock, you can better sew a ribbon, elastic or decorative thread with beads.

In general, household overlocks handle a section of fabric in 4 or 3 threads, however, some models can be configured to handle two threads.If there is a need to often handle complex knitwear, then you should purchase a five-strand overlock. However, for any newcomer to sew the question arises: how to fill the overlock? Naturally, you need to choose the model of the mechanism based on how much you will need it.

Before you start working with overlock, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions on how to thread the threads in the overlock of this model. It is very important to follow all the rules and sequence of execution, as this will save you from the trouble associated with the impulse of the thread. Often, overlock diagrams are applied to the inside of a removable cover. At the same time, for easier use, the places where the threads are passed through are painted in different colors.

The size of the thread and needle depends on the structure of the fabric with which you will work. The thread should have a free move and make a high-quality line on the material. For the convenience of working with the thread, many overlockers have included thread threader, which greatly facilitate the moment of threading the needle. Any beginner seamstress will be greatly helped by lessons on how to fill overlock.Videos on this topic can be easily found on the Internet. And below - text instructions.


  • Put the work spool with threads on the spool holder.
  • Pass the end of the thread through the hooks or holes of the thread guides. For a quality stitch, it is very important that the axis in the spool holder is directly aimed at the thread guide.
  • The thread must be passed through all the tension mechanisms: first, through those that pull the thread during overlock, then through those that pull. There are models where one function performs this function.
  • Thread the thread through the eye of the needle and insert the thread into the looper hole so that the direction of the thread coincides with the movement of the fabric.
  • Put the threads under the presser foot.

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