How to find a new business

Take a look, look around you. For example, Lance Frayd, sitting at home and watching the windsurfers out of the window, decided to create such a player with which to submerge. And Arthur Blank looked closely at the company in which he works, and with his friend created a business to assist in home repairs. Perhaps the unused idea is right in front of you, but you do not focus attention on it.
To search for ideas, you can refer to the experience of American entrepreneurs. Naturally, it will be problematic and costly to contact them directly. So take advantage of the global global network. Here you can also find approximate costs, revenues and payback period of the project.
Try to find an idea in the direction that interests you. For example, if you love children, and besides you have a pedagogical education, it would be inappropriate to open a company that organizes weddings, for example. Perhaps you should consider creatingof businesswhich is associated with the conduct of children's activities.
Do market research in the city in which you want to do business. To do this, you must first see the age level of the population in the region. For example, in your city the youth prevails. In this case, it is advisable to open any entertainment facility.
Carefully look at the products offered by the organizations and the services provided. "Turn on" fantasy. Suppose there are a lot of different theaters in your region - drama, music, puppet theater, etc. After conducting marketing research, you have found that there are many deaf people in your area. Organize a theater for the deaf.
If you can not think of something new, refer to the franchise, that is, acquire the right to use the brand from a well-known company. Together with this right, you will have to comply with pricing and advertising policies.

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