How to fish in Minecraft?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
January 31, 2013
How to fish in Minecraft?

Fish in the game world of Minecraft is one of the sources of food for the player and raw adds one point of hunger. In the fried form adds three units. It is found in any reservoir, which allows you to catch it, being even deep in the dungeons, having found a small source of water. With the help of fish, in addition to energy recovery, you can tame and feed ocelots, as well as promote their reproduction. Let's take a look at how to fish in Minercraft.

We catch fish in Minecraft

To do this, the player will need a fishing rod, which can be created from two kinds of ingredients. These are sticks in the amount of three pieces and two threads. If the first element can be obtained even at the very beginning of the game process, collecting blocks of trees and turning them first into boards and then into sticks, then the second element in the initial stages of the game is not so easy to get. The thread can be found by killing cave spiders, for meeting with which you need to somehow get ready. It can also be found in chests in dungeons or by destroying blocks of cobwebs.

To make a fishing rod, place three sticks diagonally in the workbench mode on either side, and place two units of threads into two empty side slots so that all the laid out parts visually resemble the exaggerated image of the fishing rod. After that, you can actually start fishing.

Taking the bait in hand, you need to press the right mouse button, thereby releasing the line with a float. To return it to its previous state, you also need to press the right button. So how to fish in Minecraft? When the float is released, you need to wait until it starts to sink into the water. While the float is completely in the water, the right button makes an undercut, and if you are lucky, the caught fish directly into the player’s hands and, accordingly, immediately into his inventory. Fishing can be both from the shore, and being in a boat, far into the sea. You also need to follow, for example, in places where the water level is not too high, so that the float does not get stuck in blocks of sand or earth at the bottom.

Now you know how to fish in Minercraft and can easily tell it to your friends.

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