How to fix prices

Set the size of the fixed price at the stage of conclusion of the contract, based on the agreement (that is, the execution of this contract, the level of this price should not significantly change). In turn, the preliminary fixation of prices implies the effect of limited control over costs in the performance of the contract by the customer. The contractor, as a rule, takes the economic risk on himself and receives a fairly wide opportunity for obtaining additional benefits due to substantial cost savings.
You can adjust fixed prices in accordance with the established schedule when certain factors that are not dependent on the supplier change (increase in regulated state prices, consequences arising due to inflation in the emission policy of the state, tax increase). At the same time, the fixed price should be set depending on the supplier incentive mechanism chosen under the contract, as well as the procedure for indexing the costs of this contract.
Include in the fixed price the planned profit and the planned costs. The rate of return for contracts must be consistent with the customer and supplier. However, it may not exceed the maximum established rate of return. In turn, the planned costs of the products supplied are summed up and must be justified by the supplier and controlled by the customer in accordance with the current regulatory acts defining the rules for cost formation, budgeting.
Determine the type of contract fixed price. It is determined by choosing a method of adjusting the amount of planned expenses, as well as incentives for the supplier itself. It is possible to use the following types of fixed price: firmly fixed (fixed for the entire duration of the contract), fixed price using the share distribution of the existing difference between the amounts of actual and planned costs, fixed price, adjusted in stages according to the change in costs.

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