How to get rid quickly of acne at home

The first thing that needs to be learned is that the treatment should be both “global” and “local”. What does it mean? Everything is very simple. Acne is inflammation, and inflammation must be treated from the inside and outside. In any case, do not forget to consult a doctor if acne is your constant companion, the problem can be very serious.
The body needs cleansing and diet to get rid of inflammation. The easiest way to quickly and safely cleanse your body at home is to drink activated carbon at the rate of one tablet per ten kilograms of weight. That is, if you weigh sixty pounds, drink six pills.
To make it easier for the body to cleanse, give up: alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, sweet, salty. Do not eat fast food or very fried in oil. The best solution would be to use pure water without gas, boiled rice or buckwheat and chicken or turkey meat, fresh vegetables and greens, green apples.Such a diet for three to five days will help to quickly cleanse the body, it is completely harmless and suitable at any age.
In addition to internal cleansing, you must also cleanse your skin. Wash with clean filtered water or mineral water, do not apply makeup for several days. If acne gets wet, then dry them with alcohol cosmetic lotions or special pencils. Do special anti-inflammatory baths for the face. Pharmacy chamomile is best suited for this. Make a bag of chamomile and date it brewed for fifteen minutes, then soak a cotton disc in it and wipe your face well, repeat this procedure five times a day. Also, a few glasses of chamomile decoction per day will help the body cope with inflammation.
Large acne, which began to turn white and pus accumulated in them, must be cleaned. Do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands and wipe your skin with a lotion before cleaning, then use a lotion afterwards. Well helps to clean the face simple fresh cucumber. Cut it into thin circles and wipe their face with them, after ten minutes wash, repeat several times a day.
The most important thing that you need to remember in the fight against acne at home, is that you need systematic and comprehensive in this approach. Noticing an unpleasant phenomenon in the form of acne, you must immediately act and not be lazy. You should immediately give up bad habits, cleanse your body and skin, use a diet and do face wash with chamomile and wipe the skin with cucumber. Instead of the usual creams, try to use the kids without fragrances and fragrances, he gently cares for the skin and does not cause allergies. If you immediately take a complex problem, the result will appear very quickly.

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