How to glue curtain rods

You will need
  • - hand saw with fine teeth;
  • - sawing box for oblique cuts;
  • - measured cord;
  • - glue.
Get started with the corners. Measure the length of your wall, lay the eaves in the sawing box and start sawing off it with a careful movement at the angle you need. Using the same method, measure the second wall, prepare the eaves and saw off the second corner. Check if you cut them off correctly. To do this, attach both parts to each other - they must come together tightly. If this does not happen - trim the ends.
Mark the location of the corners on the wall and spread the glue suitable for the material of your chosen cornice. Use a damp sponge to wipe the surface you glue.
Spread the eaves with glue, gently applying it with a small brush. Attach the corners to the marks made. As soon as you make sure that the eaves are laid down evenly, push it harder.
Remove any excess with a spatula and wipe again with a damp sponge. At the expiration of the day, the corner eaves can begin to paint.
Mark the location of the eaves around the perimeter of your room with a measuring cord.Its use will allow to glue the eaves with great accuracy.
Apply glue to the back of the eaves. Attach the stucco to the wall, while aligning it with a measuring cord. As soon as it is laid flat, press it down so that excess glue will stand out and remove it with the same spatula.
Dock the eaves as closely as possible to each other. Handle the joints carefully with glue. Do not forget to remove excess glue, and wipe the place with a damp sponge or rag.
Watch the room temperature. While working in the room should be warm enough and there should be no drafts. The warm temperature of the air allows the glue to grasp properly. In that case, if the room is cool - turn on the fan heater for a while.

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