How to grow an orange?

Angelina Vivcharenko
Angelina Vivcharenko
December 19, 2014
How to grow an orange?

Fruits love everything - both adults and children. And if the question of how to eat an orange, usually only children ask, then when asked how to grow an orange, many adults do not know the answer. In fact, to grow a citrus tree at home is quite simple, it is important to follow some recommendations.

How to plant a seed?

In order to grow an orange, you need a few bones. They should be placed in separated water and left overnight. The next day they can be planted in a small pot with earth at a depth of 2-3 cm.

For wood, a special soil for citrus is suitable, which is sold in any flower shop.

How to care for the germ?

Sprout appears after 2-3 weeks. The probability of its occurrence becomes higher if you create a special humid atmosphere. To do this, it is necessary to pour the soil with distilled or boiled water at room temperature and wrap the pot with plastic film or plastic bag. Then the seedlings should be removed to where it is warm and dark.

During the day, you can leave the pot in the sun, and in the evening you must remove the film so that the earth breathes. Within a year, the sprouts will get stronger, and they can be transplanted into different pots of large volume.

Special conditions

In the care of a citrus tree there are several important points.

  1. Timely watering - in summer and spring, the tree should be watered abundantly, and in winter and autumn - when the ground in the pot is dry.
  2. The correct level of humidity - the orange likes moist air, so it is recommended to spray the tree with water 1-2 times a day. Once every 3 weeks you can rinse the plant in the shower, covering the soil with a bag or film.
  3. Plant nutrition - you should purchase organic mixtures for fertilizing citrus trees.

When will the first fruits appear?

Usually, an orange tree bears fruit for 7-10 years with proper care and timely vaccination. Waiting for tasty and big oranges “like in a store” is not worth it: it takes a long time for a tree to get used to “home” conditions and start to bear fruit.

Growing an orange at home is a laborious and lengthy occupation, but a little patience and effort will justify an excellent result in the form of juicy orange fruits from your own bed!

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