How to grow healthy seedlings of peppers


Seed and Soil Preparation

The optimal time for planting seeds for seedlings is mid-February, but you need to start preparing for the process one week before the planned planting date. Prepare the substrate. To do this, mix peat, turf or garden land and humus in a ratio of 2: 5: 3. Keep the soil in the room so that it warms up, and for 2-3 hours before planting, disinfect it by spilling a solution of pink potassium permanganate.

Shoots peppers

Seeds of peppers must also be decontaminated. Put them in a solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes. Then rinse under running water. So that the shoots were friendly, lower them also into the solution of the drug Epin (1-2 drops per 100 ml of warm water). Hold them in liquid for about 30 minutes, and then dry.

Stages of planting seeds for seedlings

  1. Peppers are very bad at picking, so the best option would be sowing in separate cups. Choose dishes with a diameter of 3-5 cm.Fill it with the substrate and sow 2-3 seeds each and a depth of 1 cm. Sprinkle with soil and lightly compact it.
  2. Place containers in trays and cover planting with plastic wrap, this will help maintain the necessary humidity and temperature. Send containers to a warm place (+ 24-26 degrees).
  3. With the advent of sprouts, remove the shelter and move the cups to a lighter place, but with a lower temperature of + 15-17 degrees. Keep the seedlings of peppers in such conditions for about a week. After that, again increase the temperature of the content to + 25-28 degrees.
  4. Shoot water carefully. Moisturize the soil every 3-5 days. It is recommended to do this in the morning. In this case, the water should not fall on the delicate leaves.
  5. When the peppers grow 2-3 true leaves. It is necessary to choose the strongest of saplings, and remove the rest. You can add a little more substrate to the cups.
  6. Peppers feed 2-3 times with small doses of special fertilizers for seedlings, and 2-3 weeks before the expected date of planting in the ground, begin to harden the seedlings. They can be taken out on the balcony, veranda or in the garden first for 2-3 hours a day, gradually increasing the time spent in the fresh air.

Planting pepper seedlings in the ground

Planted in the ground plants in late May - early June. At this time, peppers should reach 20-30 cm in height, have a good root system and several side shoots and buds. To make it easier for the peppers to transfer the transplant, it is recommended to spray them a day before the procedure with a solution of the drug Epin-extra (4 drops per glass of water).

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