How to grow onions on greens

Plantedbowoats on open ground in early spring. The soil should be fairly loose. If the earth is dense,bowwill not be able to fully develop, there will be a delay in the formation of roots. Plantedbowsheep 2-3 cm apart. If you made a landing in the fall, then it is necessary to shower the beds on top of the fallen leaves of the trees, and in the spring to fertilize with nitrogen-containing substrates.
Top dressing.
For rapid warming up of the soil, the bed is mulched with humus or peat. If the weather is cloudy, rain, cold, the beds should be covered under plastic wrap.
Onions are unpretentious in cultivation, however, excessive soil moisture leads to wateriness of feathers, and lack of - to shredding and dryness of the crop. Remember:bowmust be watered regularly but moderately.
In order for the harvest to be healthy, it is necessary to make preventive measures in time: watering, weeding, feeding, loosening and preventive pest control.1-2 times a month, spray the crop with a special solution of "Zircon", which can be purchased at a specialty store. If you notice the slightest damage to the feathers, remove them immediately to prevent damage to the entire crop.
Gatherbowon the 17-25 day after disembarkation in the spring period and on the 30-35 day after disembarkation in the autumn period. Maturebowused for cooking various salads and as a decoration when serving the main course.

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